Glossary of health related terms

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  • Saponins
    Active plant constituents, that produce a
    detergent-like lather in water.

  • Scrofula
    A particular, a form of tuberculosis inflammation of lymph nodes of the neck in children.

  • Sedative
    A depressant, an agent that exerts a soothing or tranquilizing effect; sedatives may be general, local, nervous or vascular.

  • Sialagogue
    An agent that stimulates the secretion of saliva
    and assists digestion of starches.

  • Soporific
    Promotes sleep.

  • Stimulant
    Increases internal heat, dispels internal chill and strengthens metabolism and circulation by
    temporarily speeding up the functional activity of a human tissue.

  • Stomachic
    An agent that strengths and tones stomach functions. 

  • Styptic
    Contracting a blood vessel; stopping a hemorrhage by astringent action.

  • Sudorific
    Causing perspiration; see Diaphoretic.

  • Synergistic
    The simultaneous action of two or more substances
    achieving an effect greater than that possible with any of the individual components alone.

  • Systemic
    Relating to or affecting
    all body systems or organs; not localized in one spot or area.





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