Herbal Formula Information


Anti-Inflammation Formula

When tissues become inflamed, pain results.  This formula is specifically designed to reduce inflammation associated with joint pain, muscle pain or injury.

Anti-Plague Formula - immune system support*

This formula is our version of the classic immune building formula developed by Dr. John Christopher.  To assist with symptoms associated with colds, flu, any infectious illness or "plague."  (Strong Medicine)


Attention Calm - relax and calm formula*

For those with difficulty focusing as well as too much energy as in ADHD.

Attention Focus - focus and clarity formula*

Used to focus an easily distracted mind of an adult or child with ADD.

Blood Cleansing Tea - blood and liver cleanser and immune support*

Detoxifies blood and lymph.  Promotes quicker recovery from chronic illness.  Make sure your elimination is functioning well and please drink plenty of water while using this cleansing tea.


Blood Detox - promotes blood purification*

Detoxifies blood and lymph.  Promotes quicker recovery from chronic illness.  Make sure your elimination is functioning well and please drink plenty of water while using this formula.


Bountiful Blend - whole food supplement*

Bountiful Blend is a distinct blend of 62 Fruits, Vegetables, Vitamin-Rich Greens, Sea Vegetables, Healthy Berries, Natural Food Concentrates, Medicinal Herbs and Spices all in one great tasting, vitamin-rich, nutritional drink.

Brain Circulation - memory and mental clarity*

A great aid for mental fogginess, poor memory, stroke recovery or for an afternoon mental pick-me-up.  The herbs in this formula promote more blood and oxygen circulation to the brain.  The primary herb in this formula, Ginkgo, is frequently prescribed by doctors in Germany and France.  Safety Guidelines:  If memory loss is a concern, consultation with a health care professional is advised.

Cardio Plus

The herbs in this formula have traditionally been used to decrease blood pressure, reduce plaque formation in blood vessels, and reduce cholesterol.  Consultation with a competent health care professional is advised prior to use if taking blood thinning medication, or with any heart or circulation concerns.


Colon Cleanse - supports bowel function*

This stimulating formula is cleansing and strengthening to the entire gastrointestinal system, promoting healthy movement of the colon while disinfecting and soothing the colon to work better on its own.  Use Colon Cleanse to ensure 2 - 3 normal bowel movements each day.  Unlike other colon products, this product can be safely used over extended periods.

Colon Comfort - soothes and supports normal colon function*

This classic combination may be helpful for soothing symptoms of the bowel or colon associated with irregular bowel dysfunction, or irritation.

Colon Detox - removal of bowel toxins and diarrhea aid*

This cleansing soothing formula is to be used periodically in conjunction with our Colon Cleanse.  It acts as a strong purifier and intestinal vacuum, helping to draw out old fecal matter from the walls of the colon and out of any bowel pockets.  Colon Detox aids in the removal of poisons, toxins, parasites, and heavy metals.  Also use to stop diarrhea or to counteract food poisoning.

Complete Tissue Repair - supports recovery from injuries*

An herbal combination designed to aid and speed the recovery of connective tissue injuries or problems (bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles and skin).  Apply the ointment liberally to wounds, burns, injuries, ulcer, sores, rashes, cuts, bruises, etc.


Deep Heat Ointment and Oil - sore tired muscles*

Rub directly into the muscles or joints that suffer from pain or injury.  Use for sprains, strains, stiff joints, and general aches and pains.


Depression Formula - non-narcotic depression and anxiety*

This St. John's wort formula is classically used for mild to moderate depression.  As artificial chemicals are often implicated in depression be sure to eat a diet of whole natural foods and exercise daily.  Clears the fog and the blues from your mind.  Allow 6 weeks of use for optimal effectiveness.

Digestion Aid - supports digestion activity, reduces gas & bloating*

These bitter and carminative herbs will increase the digestive juices thereby reducing gas, bloating and intestinal cramping.  May be used before, during, or after meals.


Earth's Nutrition - organic whole food supplement*

Our best selling green drink.  Mix with your favorite juice for increased health, vitality, energy and stamina.  Nature's super foods concentrated in a potent vitamin/mineral supplement.

Essiac Formula and Tea - traditional blood and liver cleanser*

This formula made popular by Rene Caisse is a gentle yet powerful blood and liver cleanser used successfully for everything from acne to the worst health problem.


Female Balance - supports female hormonal balance*

For hormone balancing in women, relieving P.M.S. and menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, bloating, anxiety, depression, vaginal dryness, abnormal or painful menses.

Flu & Virus Formula - supports immune function & aids digestion*

Designed to build and boost the immune system, stimulating your body's own natural fighting ability to quickly recover from illness.




Herbal Formula Information


Ginseng Plus - supports adrenal and immune system function*

This adrenal and general tonic helps to strengthen, tone and increase the ability to handle stress while reducing fatigue.


Happy Colon - supports bowel function*

Similar to our Colon Cleanse but without the cayenne.  A wonderfully effective herbal laxative.

Hawthorn Berry Syrup - increases and supports healthy heart function*

Medical research has shown that Hawthorn may build and strengthen weak or damaged heart tissue by allowing oxygen to be better utilized by the heart muscle.  This tasty syrup is very popular with people who experience arrhythmias, congestive heart problems, angina, etc.


Headache Formula - migraine and headache tension*

Relief for migraine headache pain.  Also helpful for many other headaches by increasing circulation to the brain.


Heart Formula - supports circulation*

Designed to strengthen, support, nourish and regulate rhythm.  Our heart formula is used by those with both heart and circulation concerns.


Herbal Calcium - nature's herbal calcium*

Nature, through plants, takes inorganic minerals from the soil and transforms them into organic, available and absorbable minerals that the body knows how to use.


Herbal Cough Syrup - eases dry throat irritation*

For relief of coughs and sore throat pain.  Soothes and calms irritation.  Great tasting for both kids and adults.


Herbal Ear Drops - earache pain relief and support*

Use to soothe and reduce the painful effects of earaches.  Also used to decrease lymphatic swelling associated with ear congestion and infection.

Herbal Eyebright Formula

This classic formula strengthens, tones, disinfects, and benefits the eyes.  Used by many who suffer from degenerative eye conditions.

Herbal Snuff Powder - general sinus cleanser and disinfectant*

For sinus congestion or any chronic sinus problem.  Inhale deeply a small pinch of herbal snuff into each nostril.  Press shut opposite nostril.  Hold snuff for 5 to 10 minutes before blowing your nose.

Herbal Super Tonic - supports  immune function*

Some suggest this was the formula of the 4 thieves who looted victims of the Black Plague.  All we know is that this formula powerfully supports the immune system.  (Not for the timid)


Herbal Throat Spray - eases dry throat irritation*

Spray directly into the mouth as desired for symptomatic relief of dry, scratchy throat and cough due to allergy, cold, flu, or sore throat.  Very popular with singers.



Immune Boost - supports  immune function*

This formula works by boosting the number of immune cells and natural chemicals to help fight illness.  A very powerful and potent herbal combination to be used at the first signs of and during any illness.


Immune Boost Syrup - enhances immune system response*

A very powerful and potent herbal combination originally designed for children in a base of maple syrup and cinnamon rather than an alcohol extract.  To be used at the first signs of and during any illness.

Immune-Virus Tea - traditional blood and liver cleanser**

Made into an herbal infusion, this tea boosts, tones and strengthens the immune system during illness to fight disease or as a preventative to avoid health issues.


ImmuSoothe - seasonal allergy & hay fever relief*

For the symptomatic relief of seasonal allergies, runny nose, itchy eyes, hives, sneezing, etc.  Earth's Nutrition is recommended for concurrent use.


Kidney/Bladder Formula - supports kidney/bladder function*

Disinfects the entire urinary tract (Kidney and Bladder), reducing swelling and edema.  Use daily or in conjunction with our Kidney Bladder Flush Program.


Kidney/Bladder Tea - enhances kidney/bladder function*

This delicious loose leaf tea can be used to disinfect the entire urinary tract as well as reduce swelling.  Use daily or in conjunction with the Kidney Bladder Flush Program.


Lactation Tea - support for nursing mothers*

Used by nursing mothers to increase the quality and quantity of milk.  (Recommended by midwives)


Lemon Ice Tea - delicious hot or cold*

Amazingly great tasting and refreshing on those hot days yet very pleasing as a hot drink in the cold.


Liver Detox Tea - enhances liver/gallbladder function*

Acts to detoxify the liver, stimulate the digestive system and cleanse the blood, skin, liver and gallbladder.  As liver function improves energy will increase.  An excellent replacement for coffee.


Liver/Gallbladder Formula - supports liver/gallbladder function*

These herbs are best known for their ability to stimulate, cleanse and protect the liver and gallbladder as well as rid the body of parasites.  May be used for many liver disorders.


Lungs Plus - lung function and congestion*

Relieves lung congestion, soothes coughs and eases breathing.  This formula has been shown to dilate the bronchial passages and loosen mucus and phlegm so it can be expelled from the lungs.


Melissa Combination - topical salve*

To be used as a topical lip balm.  Apply generously to lips and cold sore areas.


Mother's Tea*- support for pregnant and nursing mothers*

Use during pregnancy, lactation or just as a supportive nutritive tea.  (Recommended by midwives)


Nature's C Complex- support for pregnant and nursing mothers*

Not just ascorbic acid or one of its derivatives, but the whole Vitamin C complex with buffers, bioflavinoids, cofactor, and synergists.  Everything nature intended from nature's most potent whole food sources.


Herbal Formula Information


Nerve Calm - non narcotic relax and anxiety*

This formula is both sedative and anti-spasmodic.  Designed to relax, sedate and relieve tension and muscle spasm.  For insomnia, anxiety and even to relieve pain.

Nerve Repair - stimulate nerves*

This formula helps to wake up the nervous system.  The herbs in this formula have traditionally been used to stimulate nerves and their function and to assist in the repair of damaged nerve tissue.  For conditions associated with sciatica, nervous tension and nervous system conditions.

Pain Relief - non narcotic pain relief*

Non-narcotic pain relief, particularly suited for chronic pain.  Relaxes and calms nervous irritation associated with pain.


Pancreas Support - supports blood sugar metabolism*

The herbs in this formula are designed to aid in blood sugar metabolism and blood sugar imbalance.


ParaLeave Formula - assists intestinal parasite elimination*

This formula is designed to both kill and expel parasites from the intestinal tract.  This gentle formula is both safe and effective for macro-parasites such as roundworm, tapeworm and threadworm, as well as micro-parasites such as flukes.  This formula  is especially important for traveling abroad.


Prostate Plus - supports prostate function*

Assists in reducing prostate swelling and inflammation with associated symptoms of decreased urine flow and impotence.


Rest Easy Tea - calming/relaxing*

The name says it all.  Relaxing, calming, soothing and delicious tasting.

Sensual Enhancement Formula - supports sensual desire*

Used as a general sensual desire tonic in both men and women, increasing circulation.


Stone Dissolve Tea - assists breakdown of kidney stones*

The success of this herbal routine has helped many suffering from the pain of kidney stones.  Recommended by medical doctors for use by their patients.






Super Adrenal Support - supports adrenal system function*

The adrenal glands give you energy in coping with the stresses of life.  Fatigued or exhausted adrenal glands result in chronic tiredness and poor sleep.  If you wake up exhausted or tired, this is the formula for you.


Sweet Dreams - non narcotic sleep aid*

A natural, non-narcotic, non-alcohol based herbal product which helps to relax the body, mind and spirit allowing you to gently drift into sleep.  Used effectively by children and adults.  Safe, not habit forming.


Thyroid Formula - supports thyroid function*

This nourishing formula provides the thyroid gland with herbs that are known to benefit the thyroid gland by balancing both hypothyroid and hyperthyroid conditions

Tummy Tea - soothes upset stomach, stimulates digestion*

Nature's herbs for digestion all seem to be tasty as this flavorful tea demonstrates


Turkey Rhubarb Formula - supports bowel function*

This stimulating formula is cleansing and strengthening to the entire gastrointestinal system, stimulating healthy movements through the colon while disinfecting and soothing the colon to work better on its own.


Vascular Support - supports circulation*

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure affect millions and can lead to premature death.  Vascular Support can be used as part of your get healthy plan.


Very Berry Tea - immune support*

A simply delicious, anytime tea that also builds and strengthens your health and well-being.


Weightloss Formula - supports glandular function & metabolism*

Nature's weight balancing system.  An herbal combination that builds and strengthens the glands and organs of the body allowing for optimal function and optimal weight without stimulants.  Most effective when combined with a health diet and exercise.



* Important Note:
The information presented herein by The Natural Path Botanicals is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.

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