May 04 2015

The Best Way to Store Fresh Juice and Keep it Fresh

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Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.
It is always best to consume your juice within 20 minutes of juicing! But if you are pressed for time the simple instructions below can help you store your juice until you need it.

(see SIX, for Non-Organic washing instructions)

Organic is very important if you’re storing your juice. Because Organic starts out with a higher level of nutrients, and since storage reduces the nutrition in juices, you will have more left when you drink it! And the amount of juice you get directly depends on how much water you use in it. But that’s beside the point as we should be wary of the water we use, as much of the water would be contaminated with both organic & inorganic material, if left unchecked. An approach to cleanse the water and secure yourself from diseases like typhoid would be to get the best whole house water filtration system for the whole of your house. Morning juices are a blessing from God, they have great benefits for health and weight loss, but much better are the Weight Loss Pills, which you can lose by combining these 2 wonders (?) Fresh juice is a great way to get your daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables, while also providing a tasty and healthy refreshment. Best diet pills can be helpful when used in combination with a sensible diet and regular physical activity. In order to maximize their effectiveness, it is important to research the different ingredients and their possible side effects, as well as follow the directions carefully.

I highly recommend buying these fruits and vegetables in the Organic section. As they will tend to have more insecticide residue if you buy them Non-Organic.


GOOD JUICERS (8 hour storage maximum)
Centrifugal juicers use high speeds, adding heat and oxidation to the juice, which reduces its nutrition.

Juices made with centrifugal juicers can be stored, but even if you followed all the storing tips, drink as soon as possible!

BEST JUICER (24 hours storage maximum)
Slow juicing masticating or triturating type juicers process very slowly adding almost no heat, this equals less oxidation. And Juices from slow juicers last longer and tend to keep their nutritional strength.




Bell Jars are excellent, their lids are tight-fitting and easy to handle and seal. And you can find them at just about any market or online.



-Pre-frost the jar in the freezer, so the juice immediately gets a quick chill on your way to, or as you store it in the refrigerator.

-Put your juice into your frosted canning jar immediately!

-Fill the jar to the brim, so you leave as little air as possible at the top.

-When you seal the jar, a little juice may come out; this means very little air was left in the jar, excellent!

-Refrigerate immediately!

-Use a freezer tote to keep the juices cool.


Once you open the jar drink it all down as soon as you can. If this is difficult use smaller jars like 4 or 8 oz.


Keep in mind you can wash off a lot of this toxic garbage but some is going to be left, sorry. But if you keep up a good lifestyle and Cleanse and Detox either your Liver Gallbladder or the Kidney Bladder seasonally you will be far lower in these pesticides than the rest of humanity.

Pick off the outside leaves and toss them in the trash, pick off the rest for cleaning. Soak them by filling up a basin with cold water and pour a half cup of vinegar in it and add your greens and let them soak for 5 to 10 minutes, agitating them with your fingers to loosen dirt and other debris.
—The amount of vinegar to water is one part vinegar to three parts water.

Then place the greens in a colander and rinse with cold water, washing each of the leaves carefully with the water.

Use This All-Purpose Germ Killer
1 spray-bottle full of undiluted white vinegar
1 spray-bottle full of undiluted hydrogen peroxide

First spray the produce with the vinegar, and then with the hydrogen peroxide. Rinse thoroughly with water as you scrub them with a bristle brush vegetable scrubber.

Broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts are not easy to clean. Best to put them in your hottest tap water for 10 seconds…..
Then give them the vinegar soak for 10 minutes and rinse under cold water.

Clean these right before you are going to eat or juice them. Soak them in the water and vinegar solution for 10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly as you gently scrub them with the vegetable brush.

For more info please visit

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Jan 05 2015

WHY DO CORN AND SOY OILS MAKE YOU FAT AND SICK? Protect Your Family’s Health, Leave Corn and Soy Oils in the Market!

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By Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.

Redneck Tailgate have been looking at an odd phenomenon occurring in industrialized countries like America. Starting back in the 1970’s American citizens began getting fat, obese and sick. Until today 70% of the American population is overweight, and 40% are obese. Plus there are unexplained epidemics of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and hundreds of new autoimmune diseases in America. Why is this observable fact so mysterious? Because before the 1960’s these physical problems and diseases did not exist, were rare, or very limited.

Before the 1960’s the number of people who were overweight was small. But no one knew what obesity or Alzheimer’s was and no one ever heard of the term autoimmune disease. This might be caused by the lack of focused that has developed during that span of years. BuyModafinilOnline offers a solution to this problem through Modafinil. Modafinil is a stimulant which can keep our focus and alertness. It is considered one of the best nootropics available that do not impose high long-term risks.

Regarding the high numbers of fat and obese people in America today? There are a number of so called authorities blaming the American people for not burning enough calories…But how could that be the answer, when gyms were almost non-existent up to the 1960’s, and now gyms are everywhere and very busy. And in the 1960’s the only people exercising were students in school sports and professional athletes. Almost no one exercised to burn off calories and the vast majority of Americans were slender for over 200 years. Something else happened after the 1960’s, and many scientists think that something was allowed into our food chain, and into the American diet.

The biggest diet change that happened at the end of the 1960’s was the “low-fat, non- fat diet craze.” A vast percentage of Americans shifted from eating foods rich in saturated fat, to eating low-fat and non-fat foods and unsaturated cooking oils, and we still are today. In the 1970’s we were convinced, without any science to back it up, that saturated fat was the enemy of our health. And Americans almost totally dropped all natural saturated fats like butter, lard and coconut oil from their diets. Have you hear about the best weight loss pills? This pills are a good option if you want to loose weight fast, also by having a good diet and doing some exercise.

We shifted from whole foods abundant in natural healthy saturated fats to unsaturated fat and low and non fat foods. Manufacturers stripped the fat out of as many foods as possible. We took the fat out of milk, cheese, meat, eggs, chicken and even fish. There are now low and non fat pastas, ice cream, cookies, cakes, custard and as many pastries as you can name, even non-fat donuts. We stripped the real fat out of everything we could find; until Americans’ total fat consumption dropped from 40% of our calories in the 1960s down to 30%, and for many people all the way down to 20%. Until today we literally cannot squeeze any more fat out of our foods!

So Americans reached tobuy wartrol and this goal, but what was the reward for dropping saturated fat, and taking up unsaturated fat, low and non fat foods; the result of all of this switching from natural whole foods with saturated fats to low or non-fat foods? Well our overweight population started to explode in the 1970’s, going from 30% of the population to an astounding 70%! And obesity went from almost zero until it now affects 40% of Americans including our children. You should definitely stop eating corn and take it out of your diet for good, what you are obliged to do is to have fat burning supplement at home.

We were told in the media that if we got the saturated fat out of our lives, that we would be slender and our hearts would be healthier. But heart disease is still the number one killer of Americans, and almost everyone is fat or worse. And some other diseases like diabetes became epidemics, and autoimmune diseases went from less then 60 to well over 150 diseases. And Alzheimer’s became the newest disease to scare us, and some experts say it could destroy our health care system. So replacing saturated fats with unsaturated and moving to low-fat and non-fat foods did not improve our health. In fact it has probably been the worst health disaster ever, and it is spreading world wide.

Who allowed this monstrous deadly mess to grow to such insane proportions? Who are the people who knew that going down this unsaturated path would lead us to exactly where we are today; fat, sick and dying? The people who are in charge of our health and food of course! The United States Congress and Senate who are influenced by big food corporations and their lobbyists are a good start. Then there is our government Health and Human Services (HHS), and their control of what goes into our food via the FDA. Yes the very FDA, who approved of unsaturated corn and soy oils going into our food chain. Oh, and lets not forget the Center for Disease Control (CDC), who are supposed to monitor new diseases and look for the cause, and find a way to stop them, they dropped the ball big-time!

Notice above I mentioned the FDA allowed unsaturated fats into our food chain. But what is wrong with unsaturated fats and oils you may ask? Ask any farmer or rancher what would happen if you fed any animal, including humans, unsaturated corn and soy oils?

Well farmers and ranchers are very wise when it comes to fattening up their livestock in order to make more money. In the 1940s, coconut oil (a saturated fat) was dirt cheap, and so farmers fed it to their cattle. But there was a problem, instead of their cows gaining weight they got healthier, leaner and more active. In the cattle industry a slim, healthy, hungry cow is not what you want! So the farmers and ranchers kept searching and by the end of the decade they found the answer they were searching for. They discovered that if they fed their cows soybeans and corn they got fat and slow! Why, because eating lots of corn and soy beans slowed cattle down for some mysterious reason? So the soybeans and corn caused them to gain weight! Eureka, every farmer and ranchers dream, fat and lazy cows!

Scientific experiments later verified it, unsaturated fats in corn and soy (called polyunsaturated) make animals fat and sick! While saturated oils like coconut oil keep animals healthy and thin! “A later experiment fed animals pure unsaturated vegetable oil, pure saturated coconut oil, and various mixtures of the two. The animal’s obesity increased in proportion to the ratio of unsaturated fat in their diet, independent of the total amount of fat or calories they consumed. Animals that ate even small amounts of unsaturated oil were fat, and those that ate large amounts of coconut oil were thin.”
From article: Ray Peat, PhD Quotes on Coconut Oil
(Professor Raymond Peat, a foremost expert regarding food oils in the world)

In the 1950′s even more scientific studies confirmed that fats from corn and soy clearly caused thyroid disease, and was toxic to their heart. These oils gave the cow’s hypothyroidism (a slowed thyroid disease) which lowers metabolism and increases a mammal’s weight. Science discovered that unsaturated fats damage cell mitochondria and caused immune suppression. The more unsaturated a vegetable oil is, the more it suppresses tissue response to thyroid hormones, which lowers metabolism and increases fat. Why, because the seeds of plants like corn and soy evolved this as protection from mammals eating their seeds. Mammals that eat these unsaturated seed oils, experience excessive weight gain (obesity), diabetes, heart disease, cancer and immune system disorders.
Note: I am sure that you noticed that this is exactly the opposite of what we have been told about unsaturated soy and corn oils.

As I said, this is great for farmers who want lazy, obese animals. Because when you sell their meat by the pound unsaturated fats from seeds like corn and soy are a gold mine! However for the American consumer it means always gaining weight and the danger of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, thyroid disease and immune system disorders. These diseases are all now epidemics in the USA. And somehow all of this science was overlooked by the FDA during their approval process.

Now remember, when there is a cause, everybody eating unsaturated fat, then there is an effect; not getting enough saturated fat! That is right; not getting enough of the real saturated fats from nature can actually be dangerous to your health? Yes, this is something else we were not told, that we need saturated fat! Because it provides us with energy; and it is needed in the healthy function of our hormones. Plus our brain is made up of 60% saturated fat which is essential for proper brain function. Also the health of your skin, hair, thyroid, nerves and the majority of our bodies systems require saturated fats for proper function. It is essential that everyone receive real fats from nature’s whole foods just as we have since the beginning. Depending on your life style, fats from meat, dairy (real butter), coconut oil, avocados, olive oil and some nut oils like almond and peanut are essential for a healthy body and mind.Products such as brain health nootropics are recommended as well.
-(A scientific study found that a diet high in saturated fat reduced the chance of suffering from dementia by 36%).

Why would the big food corporations want to sell the public these obviously poisonous corn and soy seed unsaturated oils? Two reasons: One: Unsaturated oils are extremely cheap. Food corporations made billions of dollars selling you unhealthy unsaturated oil. Two: It was easy to convince the public through language not science that unsaturated fat is healthy, because it sounds like something unhealthy has been removed, a deception allowed by the FDA.

”U.S. marketing dominates the world economy, including of course the communication media, so we shouldn’t expect to hear much about the role of Polyunsaturated Oils in causing cancer, diabetes, obesity, aging, thrombosis, arthritis and immunodeficiency, or to hear about the benefits of the saturated fats.”
-Fats and degeneration – Raymond Peat, PhD

“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

-How Much Have Obesity Rates Risen Since 1950?
Aug 16, 2013, By Beverly Bird, Live Strong Dot Com, April 16, 2013
-Do Low-Fat Diets Cause Alzheimer’s?, by Bruce Fife, ND, Guest Writer, The Foundation For Alternative and Integrative Medicine
-Unhealthy Vegetable Oils? Does Food Industry Ignore Science Regarding Polyunsaturated Oils? Implications for Cancer, Heart Disease, by By CJ Puotinen
-Fats and degeneration – Raymond Peat, PhD.
-Ray Peat, PhD Quotes on Coconut Oil

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Nov 06 2014

The Real History of Alka-Seltzer

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Starting with the SlimLife hcg drops relviews By Dr. Paul Blake, N.D. There are a lot of lies and half truths floating around out there on the net regarding Alka-Seltzer. Why because there is a very healthy seed of truth involved in Alka-Seltzer’s discovery. And this information doesn’t help Drug Companies sell toxic medications if people learn how easy it is to stay healthy by doing the right things for themselves. In 1928 there was a severe flu epidemic that swept the USA where Dr. Fredrick Miles owner of Dr. Miles Medical Company later Miles Laboratories lived. Dr. Miles heard the rumor about a newspaper company where none of the employees got sick. He went there and found they were mixing baking soda and aspirin together in water to keep the flu away. He had his chemist come up with a more advanced combination of aspirin, baking soda, magnesia, calcium, phosphate, and citric acid in a large tablet. Put in water as instructed the citric acid and baking soda reacted together and the tablet fizzed and dissolved completely, perfect! Dr. Miles tested his formula on sick passengers while on a cruise ship with excellent results. So Dr. Miles marketed Alka-Seltzer in 1931, and became very rich and successful. The Bayer company, (of insecticides and GMO fame), of Germany now owns Miles Laboratories. Ironic, because Dr. Miles actually started out making healthy combinations using herbs, vitamins and minerals, oh well. Alka-Seltzer’s Original Ingredients Were Healthy: Dr. Miles put together a very healthy combination of vitamin C (citric acid) that strengthens your immune system to fight the infectious disease. While the baking soda and phosphate assist acid-base regulation, moving your body from acidic to alkaline (eating raw produce does the same thing). Alkaline is very healthy physical environment that strengthens your immunity. Magnesia and Calcium together are a physical relaxant, raising your immunity and assisting your heart beat  which is something that a lot of fitness testing professionals have really undergone considering the supplement that worked best was that. Something like the best testosterone booster is probably what you can count on if you actually need an energy boost to get ahead otherwise I recommend going with something more traditional but testosterone is what the research shows you should go for. If you replaced the aspirin with white willow bark (the original aspirin from nature) you would have an even healthier pain fighting anti-inflammatory combination. -Today’s Alka-Seltzer has sadly been reduced to: aspirin, citric acid, and baking soda Here is “Dr. Miles’s Cactus Compound” which is pure herbal, Cactus, Digitalis, Gentain, Capsicum…for the treatment of Heart Palpitation, Skipped Beats, Fluttering, and Shortness of Breath. Some combinations that contain natures real aspirin, White Willow Bark -Pain Relief Formula -Headache Formula Capsules -CTR Syrup -Melissa Ointment Ref -Magnesium, One of the Most Deficient Minerals in the American Diet, by Dr. Paul Blake, Pub. The Natural Path Botanicals -Little Bits of History, Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, Posted in History by patriciahysell on February 21, 2011 -Alka-Seltzer – History Wired: A few of our favorite things -Alka-Seltzer – Wikipedia, (Wiki wouldn’t know this health story if it fell on their head) -Dr. Miles and Alka-Seltzer, Darin Hayton, Historian Of Science, March 19, 2013 -Miles Laboratories, (complete Alka-Selzer ingredients) Bioanalytical Systems, Inc.

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Oct 09 2014


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By Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.
Your Immune System lives in different places in your body. It lives in your bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, thymus and your tonsils. But these immune organs are only responsible for 30% of that Immune System.

The other 70% of your Immune System is actually living in your gut! And in this area of your immune system there is lymphoid tissue called GALT. GALT is in the walls of your digestive system protecting you. This GALT (Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue) is made up of immune tissues that instruct your immune cells on how to identify invaders and how to kill them.

We are born with this GALT, but our GALT will not start working until our body receives beneficial bacteria from our mother, during pregnancy. So it is this beneficial bacteria that launches our GALT to start working to give us immune protection as soon as we are born.

This GALT is composed of a number of different lymphoid tissues. These tissues contain immune cells, such as T and B lymphocytes, that carry out attacks and defend us against pathogens.

But without that constant association and balance between our GALT and our friendly bacteria our immunity to disease will be weak. This is why it is so important to actively keep your friendly bacteria (probiotics) in our gut balanced and healthy.

What Can Probiotic Friendly Bacteria Do For Your Health?
-70% of your immunity depends directly on friendly bacteria.
-Friendly bacteria help protect you from colds, flu and all infectious diseases.
-These friendly bacteria help you digest your food and absorb nutrition.
-Friendly bacteria assist your GALT to train your Immune System to recognize and fight infectious bacteria and viruses, like Ebola.

—New Science Shows Infants Are Born With Gut Bacteria, How Do You
Make It Healthy? BY J. E. Williams, May 4, 2012, Renegade Health
—The Gastrointestinal Immune System, by R. Bowin, Index of: Fundamental
Physiology and Anatomy of the Digestive System, Colorado State
University,  March 19, 2004
—How to Boost Your Immune System with Probiotics, By Ethical Nutrients

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Mar 06 2013


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By Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.

You would expect some things to remain the same in this world, especially a food like the pizza! But no, pizza has been drastically changed, so much so that now you could call them Frankenpizzas? Now who would dare change the pizza, and not just change it but change pizza for the worse? Did you guess our government? If you did you guessed right. Yes, they just can’t keep their Nanny interfering fingers out of our lives, gad! Our Nanny government, in league with the food industry, has been changing foods like pizza all the time. By adding chemicals and subtracting ingredients and replacing the real with the fake. They do this without giving a thought as to what happens to us when we eat their chemically polluted scientific mutations. Why would they do that, greed folks, because money ranks much higher then the citizens who pay them.

Our government and food industry have changed the pizza so much that it is approaching something that is not food at all? And I know this is tough on your psyche but they just recently conspired, contrived and cooked up a new fake cheese casein for the pizza!

Pizza History

Did you know that the original pizza and most pizza’s you get today are not even closely related? Let me begin this very sad gastronomical tale with a little pizza ingredient history. In the 6th century B.C. the soldiers of the Persian Empire baked a type of flat bread upon their shields and covered it with cheese and dates. The Greeks and Romans also ate a similar style of flat unleavened bread covered in different toppings. In the 3rd Century B.C. the Roman Statesman Cato wrote about it describing a flat of dough covered with olive oil, herbs, and honey baked on stones.

In 79 A.D., before Mount Vesuvius erupted and eliminated the City of Pompeii, a flat flour cake was baked and widely eaten in the downtown area and in nearby Neopolis (the Greek colony that later became Naples). In later excavated Pompeii, shops were found with marble slabs and an assortment of restaurant pizza tools just like today’s pizzeria.

In the 1500’s tomatoes were introduced into Europe from the new world and added to the toppings in Naples, Italy. These tomatoes and toppings were the first pizza ingredients similar to today but called “Neapolitan pies.” By the 17th Century the bakers of these delicious pies were called “pizzaioli.”

In the late 1800’s Raffaele Esposito, a pizzaioli from Naples, brought together these ingredients: whole wheat flat bread, pork/pork fat, cheese, basil, garlic, olive oil, mozzarella cheese, and tomatoes.  From these ingredients he baked pies especially for the King and Queen of Italy calling one of them “Pizza Margherita” in honor of the Queen (this is how the pizza got its name). Today Raffaele Esposito is known as the father of the pizza.

The Pizza arrived in America in the 19th century with the Italian immigrants. Back then pizza was sold in the Italian neighborhoods of Chicago, New York and Philadelphia by street peddlers at two cents a chew (slice). The peddlers sold the pizzas out of cylindrical drums with a false bottom that were packed with charcoal from the oven to keep the pizzas hot.  In those days and into the 21st century pizzas were called, “tomato pies.” In America the toppings were reversed, cheese first toppings and then the tomato sauce.

When you look at Raffaele Esposito’s pizza ingredients above (the whole wheat flat bread, pork/pork fat, garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese from raw milk and basil), his pizza basically answers the four food groups, vegetables, whole grains, un-pasteurized dairy and meat.   These are the ingredients of a very healthy meal that any pizza lover would worship and health food lover would heartily approve of.

Arrivederci to Real Pizzas

But thanks to our Nanny Government we get the four food monstrosities of nutrition in our pizza, and end up with the, “Frankenpizza.” Here is what you might get in a pizza today when you eat at many Italian restaurants and pizzerias. This especially goes for those who eat their pizza at home, delivered or cooked frozen. Ingredients could include refined flour, fake cheese, ill-legitimate meats, and zero olive oil, “bovine fecies, mater tua caligas gerit!!!”  Why do we get this? Because no one cooks pizza from scratch anymore, and so they have no idea what is in the pizza.  Sorry, but this separating the pizza lover from his knowledge of the ingredients sadly lost the real Esposito type pizza of yesterday.

About now you may be asking yourself, “what do we have left of the original pizza today??? Well, they kept the pizza price tag and a poor version of the smell and taste, and that is about it. Below is typical of what you will find in a pizza restaurant, or delivered or frozen pizza compared to the original Esposito’s pizza.



The Original Pizza Dough

Esposito’s was 100% whole grain wheat flour

Modern Pizza Dough

Flour, Refined, Bleached White With Chlorine Gas and Enriched.  Enriched, because the FDA forced the flour and bread industries to add the minimum amount of vitamins in a synthetic form to avoid food diseases like beriberi and palegra.


The Original Pizza Cheese

Esposito’s was the classic Mozzarella cheese made from old fashioned whole raw milk cheese.

The Modern Pizza’s Industrial Version of Mozzarella Cheese

One type is made from silicone-based industrial chemical called Polymethylsiloxane called Pizza Cheese. Another phony Mozzarella cheese is called Analog Cheese which is actually a little more friendly in its strange list of ingredients.  For their Mozzarella: water, vegetable oil, Soya concentrate, salt, spirit vinegar, artificial flavor, lactic acid (dairy-free), xanthan gum, carrageenan (alge or seaweed) and yeast extract. And the colors depending on the type of cheese could come from paprika, turmeric and annatto? “Retch, nothing in the cheese ingredients I just mentioned ever even saw cow!”

Note: Most pizza ingredient suppliers and retailers have not used real cheese in years. Petra Zachari of the Consumers Defense Association says the manufacturers of imitation cheese deliberately package it to mislead customers.  It cannot be called cheese so it has funny names like, “Pizza a la Mozzarella, or Ambra or Pizza Mia or Cheese Alternative.”


The Original Pizza Meat

Esposito and the Pizza cooks of his time used pure organic pork, beef and their oils and fats.

The Modern Pizza’s Version of Meat:

Pepperoni made with Pork, Chicken and Beef also Mechanically Separated Pork, Chicken & Beef

Note: Did you catch the pepperoni gastronomic sin in the above statement, I am sure you noticed, “yes, chicken in pepperoni, good grief?!!” Other then a total sin to add chicken to pepperoni, why is chicken a problem (look at the special note below)? The pepperoni used to top many pizzas today are being produced with a substandard mixture of chicken, pork and beef.

Note: Only pork and beef mixtures or pure all pork or all beef pepperoni are of acceptable quality in pepperoni.

Special Note: November 1, 2007 General Mills, Inc announced that about five million Totino’s and Jeno’s frozen pizzas with pepperoni toppings were being recalled due to contamination with E. coli. November 01, 2007, Isolates of E. coli O157:H7 with an indistinguishable genetic fingerprint have been collected from ill persons in 10 states: Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin

-Frozen Pizza Quality Issues, by AboutPizza Web Site Staff, 11/01/07

Investigation of Outbreak of Human Infections Caused by E. coli, Center for Disease Control, O157:H7, Updated November 1, 2007


The Origional Pizza Oil

Esposito’s was classic Olive Oil

Modern Pizza’s Version of Olive Oil
Corn or Soybean Oil, Artificial and Natural Butter Flavor, Canola Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Lecithin Oil, Palm Oil.

Note: Scientifically proven dangers of polyunsaturated vegetable oils. Excess consumption of soy and vegetable oils is damaging to reproductive organs and lungs. In test animals, diets high in polyunsaturates inhibit the ability to learn, are toxic to the liver, compromise immune system, depress mental and physical growth of infants, increase uric acid in blood, cause fatty acid in adipose tissues: linked to mental decline and chromosomal damage and accelerate aging. Excess consumption of polyunsaturates is associated with increasing rates of cancer, heart disease, weight gain and obesity. Ha, and you thought that the FDA’s job was to protect your health.

Note: I could not find one frozen pizza with Olive Oil in the ingredients.
-The Dangers of Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oils, April/May 2003, by Sally Fallon, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Washington, DC. 

“Warning Notice,” The New Government Approved Pizza Non-Cheese Ingredient

Now they are planning to make pizza cheese even worse then it is now! That’s food science for you. A Spanish company has developed a new “food” product from hydrocolloids and what are called melting salts. A hydrocolloid is a substance that forms a gel with water and melting salts that could be used to replace casein in pizza toppings. Melting salt also called molten or fused salt. Melting salts have a strong calcium-binding ability which leads to the production of a firm product and have the ability to help proteins achieve an emulsifying ability. “Well abbondanza, and good luck eating that gluck pizza lovers!”

How Do We Stop Getting the Big Food Corporation and FDA Shaft?

We get shafted because pizza restaurants are supplied with and have adopted some or all of the same ingredients to save money and shelf life. And since you the customer do not ask or complain it will eventually get worse. So what can you do? I suggest you send this article to your friends and post it on the sites you use like facebook. Also, ask to see the labels on the pizza supplies your restaurant gets in the above categories. And when you buy store bought frozen have a look at their labels and let them know through an email what you think about what you saw there. The customer only has power when the seller knows that the customer is having a problem with the product, “tell them flat out “you won’t buy their pizza because it is an abomination and an insult to real pizza!”

Other References:

-History and Legends of Pizza, Pizza History, Tomato Pie History by Linda Stradley, website What’s Cooking America, 2004

-The Dangers of Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oils, by Sally Fallon, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Washington, DC.

-This, according to an article by Milkweed, a dairy industry paper. This article, Silicone–Based Chemical in Pizza Hut’s Cheese, is from Jan 06, so pretty old… but I found it very interesting

-Reducing salt in imitation analog cheeses, by Mort Satin, pub. Salt Institute, 12/15/2010,

-German Food Industry: 150.000 tons industrial fake cheese substitute, Posted on 30. May 2009 by Prabhupadanuga News

-Cheese: Development of structure, – FOODS UNDER THE MICROSCOPE, by  M. Kaláb, Website magma scimat/Cheese, 25 Aug 2011

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Feb 25 2013


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Many People Never Needed a Dangerous Drug For Depression That Had No More Value Then a Sugar Pill.

By Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.

Is Depression a Chemical Imbalance in Your Brain?

This was a meaningless sales gimmick of pharmaceutical advertising to saturate the public and doctors with this lie. Why, so everyone including doctors would think that this lie was the answer to depression. What is the problem with this statement, “Depression is a Chemical Imbalance,” it has never been scientifically proven to be true!

-“If a psychiatrist says you have a shortage of a chemical, ask for a blood test and watch the psychiatrist’s reaction.” Jonathan Leo, associate professor of anatomy at Western University of Health Sciences

-“Patients [have] been diagnosed with ‘chemical imbalances’ despite the fact that no test exists to support such a claim, and…there is no real conception of what a correct chemical balance would look like.” Psychiatrist David Kaiser

-”With the U.S. prescribing antipsychotics to children and adolescents and 30 million Americans having taken antidepressants for a “chemical imbalance” that psychiatrists admit is a pharmaceutical marketing campaign, not scientific fact.”

Although there are better options for a treatment without those pills. Recent scientific researches have found that cbd cream is a great natural way to treat your depression, anxiety and more.

–The Corrupt Alliance of the Psychiatric-Pharmaceutical Industry, 2012 Citizens Commission on Human Rights International.
-The idea that depression is caused by a ‘chemical imbalance’ in the brain is patent nonsense. Even the FDA spokesman can not bring himself to present this ‘metaphor’ when communicating with patients. *The ‘chemical imbalance theory of depression’ is purely a marketing tool for SSRI drugs and emerged at the same time as these became available.

–Television adverts for antidepressants cause anxiety, New Scientist 2005 Nov 12

A Realistic Answer

The truth is that the chemicals in your brain were created naturally by your body from the nutrition it receives. And if there is an imbalance then it would be connected to one or more of what are called essential nutrients that these chemicals are made of. That’s right; it is very possible that depression and other psychological and physical problems could basically be answered by a simple inexpensive essential nutrient. And yes it has been proven scientifically that a deficiency of numerous essential nutrients can cause mental and physical diseases like depression.

A 100% natural solution is available too, unlike what the pharmaceuticals will tell you. I’m referring to medical cannabis, specifically the CBD portion. CBD has been shown to combat depression and to fight off negative feelings. Using CBD has been shown to be nearly twice as efficient as an anti-depressant when compared to prescription drugs meant for depression, a friend of mine went to this online dispensary canada bc and it was amazing the results he got in a really short period of time.

“Now get to work. You will not be given any straw, yet you must produce your full quota of bricks.” Exodus 5, versus 18

This Bible quote from Exodus fits the subject very well because many diseases today, especially psychological are connected to vital, essential ingredients that are missing from our bodies.

You Must Have All Your Essential Ingredients

How can you make bricks or anything else without all the essential ingredients? The answer is you can’t, you can’t make window glass without silica sand, a cake without yeast, or a human being without all the essential ingredients. A sliding glass door replacement made of wood makes no sense right? Well what the pharmaceuticals are selling has just as much sense. We all know that humans cannot live without air for even a few minutes but what about these three ingredients, vitamins B1, B3 and C? Humans cannot live without these three essential nutrients; without vitamin B1 you will die of the disease Beriberi, without B3 you will die of the disease Pellagra and without C you will die of the disease Scurvy. You can visit Trophy Skin for all the details, but just a marginal deficiency in any of these three vitamins and many others can cause severe mental and physical problems such as Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Irregular Heartbeat and many more.

(Stories in the History of Medicine), Adam Blatner, M.D., Lecture given February, 2009; Re-posted on website August 4, 2010,

Not checking these three basic essentials and others is what can and has happened during hundreds of thousands of medical diagnostic exams? Skipping the basics here would be like an Airline pilot not pre-flight checking to see if the plane has enough fuel to reach its destination? Yes, too many general practitioners and psychiatrists have omitted the basic essential needs of their patients during diagnosis. Instead of establishing their patient’s primary needs they go straight to prescribing dangerous drugs for mental and physical problems sometimes based on advertising, not science.

Warning: Before You Go Any Further, Please Read This Important Note!

To minimize the risk of antidepressant withdrawal symptoms or the withdrawal from any prescribed drug, talk with your doctor first.  
-Note: Quitting an antidepressant suddenly may cause symptoms such as: Irritability, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression symptoms and Thoughts of Suicide, etc.

–From Article: Antidepressants for children: Explore the pros and cons, By Mayo Clinic staff, Mayo Clinic
–From Article: Antidepressant withdrawal: Is there such a thing?, by Daniel K. Hall-Flavin, M.D., Mayo Clinic

I recommend checking out CBD wholesale to find out more, after all depression isn’t a laughing matter.

Question, is a Low Essential Nutrient Causing Your Depression?

How could an essential nutrient fix a psychological problem that is in your head?  The key word here is, “essential,” it means something that is vital in order for you to function normally as a human being. As I said above, “without vitamins B1, B3 and C you will die because they are vitally essential physical ingredient(s) which are necessary for you to even live. And these three essential nutrients and all the others cannot be created by your body. The majority of them must enter as food. Yes, each essential nutrient must be brought into your body in the food you eat to live normally and avoid numerous symptoms like depression or anxiety and physical problems like convulsions, asthma and even death (vitamin D can be created by your body through sun light exposure).
–Merriam Webster Medical Dictionary, Definition of Essential, “being a substance that is not synthesized by the body in a quantity sufficient for normal health and growth and that must be obtained from the diet.”

Yes, just a low level of the essential nutrient vitamin C, can cause you to have a psychological problem. Example, sub-acute vitamin C (not even close to causing Scurvy) can cause symptoms like full blown depression. Look at this vitamin C study cited below.
-“There is a well-known relationship between vitamin C deficiency and psychologic state [6–8]. Subnormal vitamin C concentrations in the cerebrospinal fluid adversely affect brain function, their replenishment could improve mood.“  
-“Patients are rarely given vitamin supplements. Most physicians are simply unaware of the problem. Sub-clinical deficiencies of vitamin C and D have each been linked to psychological abnormalities, so we examined that aspect in our clinical trial,” 
added Dr. Hoffer

–Treatment of hypovitaminosis C improves the mood state of acutely hospitalized patients, Authors: M. Zhang, L. Robitaille, S. Eintracht, L. J Hoffer

They Knew the Truth All Along

Now, what I have told you and what I am about to tell you below has been common knowledge for a very long time. Yes, this information has been scientifically studied and written up in numerous publications and books, including, “medical school textbooks for years!” So no one, especially a health professional has any excuse for not being aware of these scientifically proven facts about essential nutrients. They are fully aware that these essential nutrients can prevent and relieve many mental and physical symptoms and diseases such as depression and thereby eliminate the need for dangerous medical drugs.
 -“Did you know that every medical text book, at least up until a few years ago, indicated that one of the most common effects of inadequate vitamin C is depression?”
– Overcoming Depression, by Dr. Hugh D. Riordan, M.D., The Center For The Improvement Of Human Functioning International

Do You Have These Basic Symptoms?

Basic essential nutrient deficiency symptoms: Fatigue,  Brittle and/or Ridges and/or White Spots on Fingernails, Cracked Lips (at corners), Acne, Headaches, Allergies, Mood Swings, Mania (obsession), Learning Difficulties, Insomnia, Paranoia, Anemia, Weakness, Lack of Appetite, Abdominal Pain, Irregular Heartbeat, Poor Balance, Muscle Spasms, Leg Cramps, Bruising, Irritability, Nervousness, Frequent Minor Colds or Flu, Immune Impairment, Infertility, Poor Wound Healing, Premenstrual Syndrome, Inflamed Tongue, Mouth Lesions, Facial Oiliness, Dizziness, Joint Pains, Loose and/or Sensitive Teeth
- “A classical symptom of B complex deficiency, which has reached cronicity, is a constant feeling that something dreadful is about to happen. However, the first and most common complaint, especially among women, is depression and the tendency to cry without any particular reason.”
–Murray, Michael, N.D., Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements Prima Health, Rocklin, CA, 1996

Children’s Symptoms of Vitamin Deficiencies

Late Teething, Dry Skin, Hyperactivity, Poor Growth, Muscle Cramps, Tiredness, Irritability (see ADD, ADHD below) Hair Loss, Frequent Colds, Flu and Respiratory Infections, Vision Problems, Weakness, and Weight Loss, Dry Eyes, Scaling of the Skin, Abdominal Pain, Edema, Weakness, Insomnia, May lose their voice, Diarrhea, Anemia, Easy Bruising, Joint Pain, Poor Appetite, Frequent Nose Bleeds, Frequent Infections, and Illness.  Also ADD and ADHD behaviors, including Irritability, Inattention, Impulsiveness, Hyperactivity, Temper Tantrums, and other Inappropriate Behaviors.

–Signs of Vitamin Deficiency in Children, Tue, Apr 10, 2012, Content by Sylvie Branch. Apr 10, 2012

-Pediatrician OnCall – Nutrition in Children

– Boys diagnosed with ADHD had lower levels of the omega-3 essential fatty acid DHA (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition), Purdue University 1994

The Scientific Truth About Essential Nutrient Deficiencies 

As you will see below, everything from headaches to depression has been scientifically linked to low levels of these common vitamins and minerals and other nutrients. Some of these essential nutrients are B1, B3, B5, B6, B12, and C, D, Iron, Magnesium, OMEGA 3, Zinc and Protein Deficiencies. Have a look below at some of these essential nutrients whose critical balance must be maintained to avoid the diseases like depression that they can cause.



Amino acid deficiencies such as phenylalanine, glutamine, tryptophan and tyrosine that make up protein can cause depression and must be obtained from your diet. Amino acids produce the important neuro-transmitters in the body that are connected with Motivation, Happiness and Ability to Deal with Stress. Symptoms of a protein deficiency: Impairment of Cognition, Depression, Anxiety, Edema (swelling), Thinning Brittle Hair and/or Hair Loss, Ridges in finger and toe nails, Skin Rashes; Dry Skin, Weak and Tired, Muscle Soreness and Cramps, Slow Healing, Skin Ulcers, Insomnia, Headache, Nausea, Fainting, Depression/Anxiety

Read the full article on back pain relied – do’s and don’ts here.

-“Protein Deficiency: the Hidden Signs, By Dr. John Douillard DC, July 21, 2011, Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science Newsletter”
-Note: The majority of Americans get plenty of protein in their diets; the problem is stress and poor digestion that can deplete the absorption of these essential amino acids.
–”Depression – The Aminos (protein), by Ross Bishop, Article, Blue Lotus Press, 05/2003”

Vitamin B6

A Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal Phosphate) Deficiency Can Cause Depression and Must Be Obtained From Your Diet.
A Deficiency of Vitamin B6 can cause Depression, Anxiety, Antagonism, Irritability, Mood Abnormalities, Convulsions and Seizures, Nausea, Dizziness, Migraine Headaches, Weakness, Anemia, Eczema, Cracks or Sores on Lips, Mouth, Inflammation of Mucous Membranes, Arm/Leg Cramps, Numbness of Hands and Feet, Increased Susceptibility to Infections and Asthma.  71% of male and 90% of female diets are deficient in Vitamin B6 in the USA.

–”Vitamin B6, Office of Dietary Supplements, National Institute of Health”
–“Understanding nutrition, depression and mental illnesses, T. S. Sathyanarayana Rao, M. R. Asha,1 B. N. Ramesh,2 and K. S. Jagannatha Rao2, Indian J Psychiatry. 2008 Apr-Jun; 50(2): 77–82., doi:  10.4103/0019-5545.42391, PMCID: PMC2738337”
Vitamin B12

A Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) Deficiency Can Cause Depression and Must Be Obtained From Your Diet.

A Deficiency of Vitamin B12 can cause , Dementia, Irreversible Damage to the Brain and Nervous System, Headache, Fatigue, Syncope (fainting), Shortness of Breath, Heart Palpitations, Depression, Confusion, Irritability, Disorientation/Hallucinations, and Pernicious Anemia Disease (an acute B12 deficiency disease).
”Vitamin B-12, Serum levels were found to be low in 25% of hospital patients.”

-”Pernicious Anemia, decrease in red blood cells, intestines cannot properly absorb
vitamin B12, symptom Depression, Medline Plus, U.S. National Library of
–“Vitamin B12 Deficiency, Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia”


A Magnesium Deficiency (responsible for 300 plus functions in the body), can cause depression and Must Be Obtained From Your Diet.
A Magnesium Deficiency can cause Anxiety, Insomnia, Irritability, Confusion, ADHD and ADD and Sensitivity to Light and/or Sound, Nervousness, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia. Other Magnesium deficiency symptoms: Twitching, Trembling, Muscle Cramping, Muscle Weakness, Heart Palpitations and Allergies, etc. 
-“Magnesium, 75 to 85% of diets deficient: average diet contains 50 to 60% of RDA”
- “A Magnesium deficiency can cause depression, behavior and personality changes,
apathy, irritability and anxiety. (Wacker WE. 1968 & Freyre AV. 1970 &
Rasmussen HH. 1989)”

–“Kozielec T, Starobrat-Hermelin B. Assessment of magnesium levels in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Magnes Res 10(2):143-8, 1997.
Starobrat-Hermelin B, Kozielec T.”

–“The effects of magnesium physiological supplementation on hyperactivity in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Positive response to magnesium oral loading test. Magnes Res 10(2):149-56, 1997.”

Causes of Nutrient Deficiencies:

One of the biggest causes of nutrition deficiencies in the USA can be seen as you walk through the food section of any supermarket. It all looks very nutritious, clean, efficient and cost effective but is it really nutritious or is it causing disease? Were our health needs and safety left out of Big Food Corporations plans to get rich? Yes, they just went around our safety nets, the USDA and the FDA, with their money, political influence and power. Then they chemically farmed, GMO’ed, refined out, or plugged in anything they wanted. We all know this and I don’t have to show you the list of dangerous ingredients, just look on any food label yourself, it’s appalling.
-Senate Document 264 of the 74th Congress, 99% of American people are deficient in minerals, and a marked deficiency in most important minerals actually results in disease.”

–Corporate foodopoly is heading us toward farmageddon, by: PF Louis, NaturalNews, October 24, 2011

Lifestyle Causes of Nutrient Deficiencies?

Poor lifestyle habits that contribute to essential nutrient deficiencies: Consumption of white sugar and flour, fast and processed foods, petrol-chemically grown produce, dairy and meat (these foods lack many vital nutrients especially in their homogenized and processed state plus they have contaminants such as GMO’s, steroids and pesticides). Tobacco and especially alcohol use, stress, environmental pollution, inadequate digestion, undernourished, illness and operations, pharmaceutical medications (see below) and any poorly planned weight loss diet all contribute.

A person who seldom eats raw fruits and vegetables every day has a very high risk of developing a nutrient deficiency. The Center for Disease Control recommends that we eat a minimum of five to ten or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily to help avoid these deficiencies. And women who are pregnant or nursing may need extra vitamins because they are passing their vitamins and minerals on to their baby.
–“Vitamin B Deficiencies, by Karen Railey, I Want My Vitamins Website”
–Foods, Fortificants, and Supplements: Where Do Americans Get Their Nutrients?,

Victor L. Fulgoni, Debra R. Keast, Regan L. Bailey, Johanna Dwyer, American Society for Nutrition, The Journal of Nutrition, October, 2011
Pharmaceutical Drugs That Destroy Essential Nutrients

Acid Blockers (B12, C, D)
Antibiotics (B6, B12, C, friendly bacteria)
Antidepressants (CoQ10)
Beta Blockers (CoQ10)
Birth Control Pills (B6, C, magnesium)
Hormone Replacement Therapy (B6)
Pain-Killers (C and iron)
Steroids (B6, C, D, K)
”The loss of some of these essential nutrients brings on the very diseases you are taking the drug for.”
-Nutrients Depleted by Common Pharmaceutical Drugs, by Michelle Schoffro Cook, Care2 Healthy Living, October 31, 2009 

How to Correct Essential Nutrient Deficiencies?

Now you might very well ask, “what about those expensive vitamins I take every day? Those vitamins say that they have thousands of times the minimum daily requirement (MDR) of essential nutrients. Sorry but 95% plus of those vitamins are synthetic, made from chemicals not food. Nature, God bless her, has a basic law when it comes to the nutrition of living things; “we can only get our nutrition from plants”. We cannot sidestep nature’s laws and eat dirt or man made chemicals, it will not work.

To be effective your vitamin should say, “100% Whole Food”, “Made From Whole Foods” or words to that effect, “Food Based” is an advertising trick. Plus having thousands of times the MDR is confusing to your body, a meaningless sales gimmick that will not fill an essential nutritional need either.

”-The truth is that most vitamins in supplements are made or processed with petroleum derivatives or hydrogenated sugars [1-5].” Dr. Robert Thiel
–The Truth About Vitamins in Nutritional Supplements, Robert Thiel, Ph.D., N.D., Doctors Research Inc.


Anti-depressant Permanent Damage and Questionable Value

Those with depression have been led down an advertising garden path with drugs like Celexa, Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor and Serzone. They were told by false advertisements that they had a chemical imbalance and to find happiness again they needed to take these drugs. The truth is these drugs can’t treat chemical imbalances that are nutritional deficiencies. And in fact they are barely more effective than placebos for treating depression in the first place (see below).

Permanent Brain Damage from Anti-depressants

-“Psychiatric drugs have directly contributed to an alarming new epidemic of drug-induced mental illness. Drugs prescribed by physicians to stabilize mental disorders are inducing pathological changes in brain chemistry and triggering other mental and physical problems, even death.”
–Psychiatric Drugs: Chemical Warfare on Humans – interview with Robert Whitaker, Saturday, August 27, 2005, by Terry Messman, Pub. Naturalnews

Anti-depressants Have No More Value Then a Sugar Pill

-Through a Freedom of Information Act request, two psychologists obtained 47 studies used by the FDA for approval of the six antidepressants prescribed most widely between 1987-99. University of Connecticut psychologist Irving Kirsch and co-author Thomas Moore released in “Prevention and Treatment,” an e-journal of the American Psychological Association. More than half of the 47 studies found that patients on antidepressants improved no more than those on placebos, Kirsch says. He says studies finding no benefit have been mentioned only on Celexa, others unlabeled are Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor and Serzone; yet 47 million Americans are taking these dangerous drugs every day.
–Article, Antidepressants Barely More Effective Than Placebos, By Healthy Staff Writer
Anti-depressant Suicide, Death and More

Note: At least 48 known school shooting have been connected to antidepressant use.
-Anti-depressants will produce migraines, hot flashes, pains around the heart, difficulty breathing, a worsening of bronchial complaints, tension and anxiety which appear from out of nowhere, depression, suicide – especially very violent suicide, hostility, violent crime, arson, substance abuse, psychosis, mania, organic brain disease, autism, anorexia, reckless driving, Alzheimer’s, impulsive behavior with no concern for punishment, and argumentative behavior.
–Suicide & Death Can Lurk In Each SSRI Pill, By Ann Blake Tracy, PhD, Drug, 07-06-07

To Summarize

How did we come to this, that pharmaceutical companies can use a lie as an advertisement campaign to sell a drug that has scarcely more value to the depressed then a placebo with the side effects of violence and suicide? And that dangerous, addictive drugs would be prescribed to us before even the basic causes are ruled out first, “that depression can be caused by scientifically proven essential nutrient deficiencies.” Today, to believe that we are protected by government agencies like the FDA turns out to be naïve and even dangerous in the extreme.

-I believe that more than ninety percent of Modern Medicine could disappear from the face of the earth – doctors, hospitals, drugs, and equipment – and the effect on our health would be immediate and beneficial . . .
–Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn
Chairman of the Medical Licensing Committee of the State of Illinois

For more info, please visit

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May 01 2012

Herbalism, My First Experience Treating the Symptom Versus Treating the Whole Person

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By Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.

My first experience with a herbal medicine was cayenne pepper (capsicum annum) which began almost by accident while I had some serious breathing problems. It was about 1985 and I was suffering with lung problems. I would get a cold or the flu two or three times each year, it would move into my lungs and I would experience a tight painful barking cough with no expectoration for weeks afterward (whooping cough). One day I happened to be in a small health food store in Huntington Beach, Ca as I recall and the clerk asked if he could be of assistance. Out of desperation, I described my lung problem to him and he suggested I try using the herb cayenne.

I bought some pure unadulterated cayenne capsules from him and followed the instructions on the bottle. That afternoon the cough loosened up and two days later the cough was gone and my lungs cleared, I have research a lot in many websites, , for me it was a WOW moment in my life and a turning point!

But you must understand, that using an herb this way like modern medicines, treating the symptom did not solve my lung problems because the root of my lung problem was me and my lifestyle. I still caught colds and flu every year and they went into my lungs just as before and each year I used the cayenne to solve the symptom. You see lung problems run in my family genetically and without ever solving the root, my lifestyle problem, I could have eventually contracted a far worse disease such as lung cancer. It was not until I learned how to combine the use of herbs with things like Delta 8 carts which had improved uses for us whenever we decided to smoke and life style changes that I truly cured my lung problems completely and forever.

This experience with the herb cayenne impressed me deeply as I said and when I was struck by prostate cancer five years later I was open to the use of herbs as part of the completely natural treatment I chose with the therapy. I went on from that full herbal and lifestyle cure to study naturopathic medicine and gain a Naturopathic Doctors degree on the way to becoming one of the Calgary naturopaths I visited so often while learning about natural health. I would like to mention two of my teachers the late Dr. John Ray Christopher (an infinite blessing to the sick and suffering of this world) who’s work I studied and Dr. Richard Shulze (one of the most knowledgeable naturopathic medical teachers today), both I believe are Thomsonian Naturopaths. Without the knowledge that these two naturopathic doctors gave me I would be dead today or moldering in some drug pusher infested, pee smelling rest-home.

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Apr 04 2011

Allergies? Make them a thing of the past!

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With a few simple precautions, allergies don’t have to stand between you and your garden.

Avoid wind-borne pollinating plants.

Wind-borne pollinating plants, including trees, grasses and weeds, are more likely to cause an allergic reaction than flowering plants. They produce pollen that is light and almost invisible. Released in large quantities for reproduction, the pollens can be easily inhaled. These plants often have smaller blooms with little or no color. Prevent most bug infestations on your garden with fuze bug.

You don’t have to avoid bright, colorful plants.

These plants are often insect-pollinated, producing pollens that are larger, heavier and stickier. These pollens, which are carried by insects and animals from plant to plant, are much less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Choose female plants over males.

While female trees and shrubs are messier than male plants, they do not produce pollen and can actually help remove pollen from the air by trapping it. Avoid planting male trees and shrubs since they produce large amounts of pollen.

Choose disease-resistant plants.

Disease-resistant plants, such as many fruits and vegetables, are less likely to produce mildew, which can cause allergies.

Stick to native plants.

Native plants have already adapted to a climate, are often easier to grow, and require less contact since they do not need extensive watering or fertilizer. These plants also tend to attract more butterflies, insects and birds, which help reduce wind-borne pollination. You can prevent a lot of maintenance and allergic problems with artificial turf.

Potted plants are always an option.

Consider container gardens if your symptoms are too severe. Potted vegetables and flowers require less time outdoors to maintain.

Location, location, location.

If you do have high-pollen-producing plants, keep them away from front and back doors, bedroom windows,and other high-traffic areas.

If you know you will be spending time outdoors this spring, follow these tips to help keep your allergy symptoms to a minimum:

  • Take antihistamines or nasal sprays before you begin gardening rather than after symptoms start.
  • Limit your time outside to 15-minute intervals, twice a day,and gradually increase the time. This may prevent a full-blown attack.
  • Avoid gardening during the early morning and late afternoon, when pollen counts are likely to be highest.
  • Wear a pollen mask and gloves to limit exposure, and avoid touching your face and eyes while working outdoors.
  • Garden on days when the pollen count is low or when the day is cool, cloudy or less windy. Pollination increases during hot weather.
  • Gardening after a period of rain can be best because rain showers temporarily clear pollens from the air. Brief thunderstorms, however, can actually elevate pollen levels.
  • Wash your hands, rinse your eyes with cool water, and change your clothes after coming indoors to remove clinging pollen. Shampoo your hair before going to bed to prevent pollen from getting into bedding.


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Dec 09 2010

How to Find the Safest Supply of Herbs and Vitamin Supplements for Your Children?

Published by under Herbs,Supplements

Obviously, no one wants to unintentionally give anything harmful to their children, they are their most precious gift and must be guarded at all cost.   The best safe guard we can use to protect our children is our knowledge based on the truth of what is known to be safe and what is known to be dangerous. But with all the media advertisement hype aimed at us just finding a healthy brand of cereal can be a challenge let alone finding a safe supply of herbs or supplements. To keep healthy read these fit after 50 reviews and improve your workout.

If you depend on the media to inform you about the safety of supplements you might think that Herbs and Vitamins were risky, possibly too dangerous to give to our children; that you would be wise to be careful or you or your children might be poisoned by an herb or overdosed on a vitamin supplement.   You might also think that the Functional Medicine Associates and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should enforce stricter controls (like CODEX) over herbs and supplements to reduce all the injuries and fatalities.   But what is the truth; are there really a lot of innocent victims being poisoned or overdosed every year on herbs and vitamins?

Well the truth is going to be a real surprise to you as it was to me just how low the number of fatalities really is.   Below are the facts from the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) who keep records of these kinds of incidents.   Anyone has access to these numbers including the media and those in government who are trying so hard through spin to put tighter controls on herbs and vitamin supplements, and for find the right supplements for fitness or exercise people can also go online, and read review about which are the best supplements for this.


In the last 25 years there have been a total of 11 fatalities from taking herbs and supplements and for many of those years there were zero fatalities.   For instance in 2008 not one person died from taking an herb or the best hair growth vitamins on the market! (ref. Orthomolecular News).   Your chance of being struck by lightning in 2008 was much higher.   The National Weather Service reported 28 deaths from being struck by lightning in 2008.

What makes this news even more amazing is when you consider the vast amount of herb and vitamin supplements consumed by Americans.   A low estimation of herb and vitamin consumption by Americans is 56 billion doses a year says, “Orthomolecular News”. Go this link to take a quiz and find out which vitamins does your body need.

Now contrast those very low numbers of herbal and vitamin deaths with those from a product line we have all grown to trust and give to ourselves and our children regularly from our local drug store.   Deaths from aspirin and ibuprofen type anti-inflammatory drugs kill an estimated 16,500 Americans every year and hospitalize approximately 107,000 patients (how many of these were children was not listed) (ref. Deaths).

Now that you know the truth about the real safety of herbs and supplements, I am going to give you some extra information that makes the task of finding safe supplements even safer, since now a days you can even get fitness supplements to improve your body, which you can get from these guys that offer these kind of services online.   There is a way to find the safest herb and vitamin supplements on the market and it is our government that has supplied us with this information.   I know, I know how can you trust the government to do anything right, well in this instance they have done something right for the wrong reason but it works in our favor.   The government is so interested in stamping out the herb and vitamin supplement health business that they inadvertently created some very safe products in that industry.   What they created with their interference is “Certified Organic Herbs” and ‘Whole Food Vitamins” and here is why.   In order to try to make it as difficult as they can to get into these industries they made the rules and enforcement very strict.   So strict that when the supplement label says Certified Organic or the supplement says “100% Whole Foods” you can be assured that the product is what it says.   Why, because the government watches that industry like a hawk for any infringements (ref USDA and FDA).

Certified Organic means that you can be safe in the knowledge that the herb you give to your child or yourself has not been sprayed with pesticides, fumigated or grown with petrochemicals or in a cesspit somewhere outside the USA.   And the “100% Whole Foods” vitamin supplements give you the assurance that the supplement you give to your child or yourself is from real foods not chemicals, alot of these are covered on health insurance (ref. USDA and FDA).

Because guess what, not all vitamins are the same; the majority are made from things that if you knew what was in them you would never buy them, let alone put one of them in your mouth.   Here is a list of things that are put in so called “natural” vitamin supplements including children’s vitamin’s that you see advertised every day and you can find covering the shelves in just about any store.   Benzene, petroleum esters, acetylene, refined oils, coal tar derivatives, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, isobutyraldehyde with formaldehyde, phytin hydrolyzed with calcium hydroxide and sulfuric acid, cobalamins reacted with cyanide, irradiated animal fat/cattle brains and I could go on but enough is enough you get the idea (ref. Thiel).

And I am sure that you thought the same thing that I did, “that they have to make those vitamins from food because we like every life form on this planet depend on plants for our nutrition.”   Well, this seems to be one of those many places were our government, probably the FDA, forgot to use their brains or somebody influenced their decision.   Anyway you now have this knowledge and can apply it to protecting yourself and your family just like I did when I learned this valuable information (Ref USDA and FDA).


No Deaths from Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids or Herbs, Poison Control Statistics Prove Supplements’ Safety, Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, January 19, 2010, by Doctor Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D, (Editor)

Bronstein AC, Spyker DA, Cantilena LR Jr, Green JL, Rumack BH, Giffin SL. 2008 Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers’ National Poison Data System (NPDS): 26th Annual Report. Clinical Toxicology (2009). 47, 911-1084. The full text article is available for free download at . Vitamins statistics are found in Table 22B, journal pages 1052-3. Minerals, herbs, amino acids and other supplements are in the same table, pages 1047-8.

Aspirin kills 400% more people than H1N1 swine flu, Natural News, November 20, 2010, by Mike Adams (Editor),

Deaths ascribed to the use of over-the-counter NSAIDS.” (Wolfe M. MD, Lichtenstein D. MD, and Singh Gurkirpal, MD, “Gastrointestinal Toxicity of Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs”, The New England Journal of Medicine, June 17, 1999, Vol. 340, No. 24, pp. 1888-1889.)

Naturopathy For The 21st Century, Robert J. Thiel, Ph.D., Whitman Publications, 2000

USDA, Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA) of 1990 and regulations in Title 7, Part 205 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The National Organic Program (NOP) develops, implements, and administers national production, handling, and labeling standards.  Inacted in October 2002, and administered by the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

FDA, General Dietary Supplement Labeling, April 2005, Guidance for Industry, A Dietary Supplement Labeling Guide,

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Nov 19 2010

A Story of Babies in Pain and the Barbaric Malpractices of Medicine

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Babies have been studied for their reaction to pain since at least 1925 (Sherman & Sherman) possibly earlier. Between that time and the 1980’s many similar experiments were done that established that yes; babies do experience pain to their arms, legs, calves, toes and other parts of the body from scratches and pin pricks. Any mother could have told them this throughout the history of the human race. But of course we are talking about modern medical science here and anecdotal evidence from a mother is not acceptable. But because of the work of Sherman and Sherman in 1925 modern medicine is aware that yes, infants do experience pain. Many parents use Cbd oil for chronic pain for the baby and for them because they trust natural medicine.

Well science never got its own message that babies feel pain. Infants from premature up to 15 months old have had major surgery performed on them without the aid of anything to relieve their pain for over a century. The only thing given to babies during the operations they received was Curare. Curare is a powerful drug with life threatening side effects which paralyzes the infants so they cannot move or cry out. So, all that those thousands of babies could do was lay there without even the ability to cry during the horror of their operations. And it is now known that many died from the shock of what happened to them. And it is anyone’s guess as to how much psychological trauma they suffered later in life from this horrendous experience.

What is even more distressing is that during at least the last 50 years or more the pain could have been alleviated by the more modern and accurate use of anesthetics. But science moves slowly and some scientific minds move even slower unless prodded by the public and the justice system. So it was not till 1985 that this disgusting procedure was finally brought to light (see below) and as far as is known has been stopped.

This ghastly practice would probably still be in use today if it were not for an open heart operation performed on the Jeffrey Lawson baby in 1985. Their baby had holes cut into his neck, another hole in his chest, his ribs pried apart and various other operation techniques performed while totally aware but paralyzed. He went into shock that night after the operation and died 5 days later. His mother discovered what had happened to her baby and with a great deal of effort, research and the help of the media brought most of this horrendous practice to a halt.

Obviously this barbaric practice could and should have been stopped long before Jeffrey’s ordeal, (see ‘Standards of Practice and the Pain of Premature Infants, by Jill R. Lawson). But even years later after the Jeffery Lawson case there were still doctors who were under the misconception that babies do not feel or forget that they experienced pain.   This is from an article printed 12 years after the Jeffery’s case. “Circumcision Study Halted Due to Trauma, CNN Health, December 23, 1997, Up to 96 percent of the babies in the United States and Canada receive no anesthesia when they are circumcised, according to a report from the University of Alberta in Edmonton.” The results of the study were so compelling that the doctors took the unusual step of completely stopping the operations rather then subjecting any more babies to the pain of circumcision without anesthesia. 

The CNN report goes on to say, “One of the reasons anesthesia is not used, the study found, is the belief that infants feel little or no pain from the procedure. It has also been argued that injecting anesthesia can be as painful as circumcision itself, and that infants don’t remember the procedure, anyway. But there are those who find that reasoning difficult to believe, and Dr. Arthur Gumer is one of them. “To say that the baby doesn’t remember it is not an adequate excuse to me, he said. Babies experience other painful procedures and we worry about that, and we do give them anesthetics for those procedures (see Dr. Gumer’s video “Does Amputation Harm Babies”).”Three years later, McGill Reporter, Volume 32: 1999-2000, January 13, 2000, What do Babies Feel? by Tim Hornyak, “I think it’s close to 50 per cent of male infants that are circumcised for non-religious reasons,” says Professor Celeste Johnston. “I’ve been to a briss, and at least they hold the child and let it suck on a cloth dipped in alcohol and honey, which probably elicits the endorphin system. It’s a very different thing than in the hospital, when these kids are plunked down on a plastic board and strapped spread-eagled to it. Really, it’s barbaric.”

So a total of 15 years after the Lawson case there were still cases where infants were subjected to operations known and unknown where no anesthesia or pain medication was used. Wherever you live in this world protect your baby and your peace of mind by finding out the exact procedures that will be used during any operation on him or her. Your doctor will only respect you for your caring parental attention to the details of your baby’s safety, as for the nutritious vitamins we need in our body, and the use of  good medication from The Dermatology and Laser Group could be essential to achieve this and maintain a good health in adults and getting the proper health and hospice care you need is important.

An aphorism attributed to the German physicist Max Planck considered the founder of the nordstrom quantum theory is a fitting end to this article at , but you can read it “that science doesn’t progress because scientists change their minds, but rather because scientists attached to erroneous views die, and are replaced.”

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