Joint Relief Formula

Our Joint Relief Tonic is a marriage of old time folk wisdom and modern Herbalism. Joint inflammation affects a large part of the population, and can vary from mild to chronic. The causes vary, but joint inflammation can cause pain in most joints including the hands, knees, and feet. As you look for something to sooth the pain, don't forget to consider some natural options. These herbs work to reduce pain, relieve inflammation and repair damaged tissues.

Suggested Guidelines: Not recommended if pregnant, nursing or if high blood pressure is a concern. Not intended for long term, sustained use.

Celery seed, Black Cohosh root, Licorice root, Devil's Claw root, White Willow bark, Cat's Claw inner bark, Alfalfa leaf, Meadowsweet herb. In a base of Apple Cider Vinegar and Pure Honey.

1 tablespoon in juice or water 2 times daily. Drink 64 ounces of pure water is recommended with use.

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Liquid Formula
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