Herbal Antiseptic

The herbs in Western Botanicals Herbal Antiseptic Formula have been used traditionally by many herbalists as a wonderful antiseptic formula. Contains many of Nature's finest and most potent natural germ and bacteria fighters like Garlic and Goldenseal, astringent herbs such as White oak bark, Olive leaf, and Myrrh gum. Herbal antiseptic formula kills germs on contact and protects wounds from infection. This extract is in a base of pure grain alcohol. Herbal Antiseptic Formula is for External Use Only.

Suggested Guidelines: If infection occurs consultation with a qualified healthcare professional is recommended.

Myrrh gum, Goldenseal root, White Oak bark, Olive leaf, Garlic bulb, Plantain leaf, Black Walnut hull, Habanero Cayenne pepper, Tea Tree essential oil.

Apply enough Herbal Anti-Septic on wound to completely coat injury and surrounding area.

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Liquid Formula
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