Selenocysteine is the food form

Selenium trace mineral powerful anti-oxidant prevents hemoglobin oxidation.  Synergistically vitamin E together maintain healthy heart liver add zinc relief enlarged prostate cancer prevention. Selenium a trace mineral is a powerful anti-oxidant that means that it prevents hemoglobin in red blood cells from damage by oxidation.  Selenium also works synergistically with another ant-oxidant, vitamin E.  Together these two help maintain a healthy heart and liver.  Add zinc to this combination and you provide relief from an enlarged prostate. 


Selenium is one of a number of antioxidants the others are Alpha-lipoic acid, Bilberry, Burdock, Carotenoids, Coenzyme Q10, Curcumin (Turmeric), Flavonoids, Garlic, Ginkgo Biloba, Glutathione, Grape seed extract, Green tea, Melatonin, Methionine, N-Acetylcysteine (NAC), Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, Olive leaf, Pycnogenol, Selenium, Silymarin, Superoxide Dismutase, Vitamin A and Carotenoids, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc

A recent study in England (see Lancet, vol 365, number 9225, 15th July 2000) found that there is a relationship between a number of health problems and low dietary intake of Selenium.  The study found a higher incidence of miscarriages, male infertility, mood problems, thyroid disorders, cardiovascular disease and arthritis.  This same study also found that Selenium also plays a role in viral infections by slowing down the replication process; this is especially true of the Aids virus.

Another study conducted to study the effects of selenium on skin cancer followed 1,312 patients with skin cancer.  They were divided into 2 groups, one receiving organic selenium, the other a placebo.  After 4 years, there was no discernible difference in the skin cancer rates.  However, when the scientists compared the 2 groups looking at the more life-threatening cancers they were astounded by what they found.  The selenium supplemented group had 63% fewer cancers of the prostate, 58% less cancer of the colon, and 46% less lung cancers then the placebo group.  The Selenium used was high selenium yeast called Selenomax.  Ref: Diet and Nutrition, Rudolph Ballentine M.D.

A FDA study in 1967 where five samples of a balanced diet were analyzed, they could find no Selenium.  A Dr. Richard Passwater in 1973, who saw the study, conducted one of his own analyzing different brands of TV dinners he found no Selenium present.  His conclusion is that the poor farming methods, refining, processing and cooking have an effect on the Selenium contents of our food in this country and the high cancer rate.

It has been reported that food selenium seems to reduce toxicity associated with cisplatin chemotherapy [41], hence many people take it when undergoing conventional cancer treatments. Furthermore, Larry Clark, Ph.D. and others have found that selenium in yeast appears to reduce risk of certain cancers [42]. Julian Whitaker, M.D. reports, "The best absorbed form of selenium, and the one used by Dr. Clark"s research, is high-selenium yeast" [42].

Food selenium is about twice as well retained as non-food forms [13,40].

Selenium and the Chelation Process:
Selenium provides protection against Mercury toxicity, in particular, Methyl Mercury from industrial waste.  Selenium is an excellent Chelation (means claw) mineral when used to pull heavy metals from the body.  These heavy metals have 2 unpaired electrons that are looking for any molecules that are short 2 electrons.  Selenium short 2 of the electrons can be used to Chelate 4 of the worst of the heavy metals, Mercury, lead, nickel and cadmium.  Once Chelated these metals are excreted form the body.

Deficiency Symptoms:
Liver damage, muscle degeneration, premature aging, heart disease, muscular dystrophy, and cancer especially in the gastrointestinal tract.  Ref. The Chemistry of Man, Bernard Jensen, Ph.D., Bernard Jensen International 1988

Suggested supplement dose is 200 micrograms a day.  If pregnant, not more than 40 micrograms daily.

The best Selenium to take for maximum absorption is that from a food source.  The food form of selenium is selenocysteine.  Why selenocysteine food form Selenium and not some other form of Selenium.  Studies found that with food form Selenium (selenocysteine) 2.26 times more is retained in the liver, 17.6 times the antioxidant effect, and 123.1 more effective in diabetes,

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