An American Master Herbalist

How I Went From Prostate Cancer to Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

My Education and Experience:

–Certification in Iridology from the Institute of Natural Therapeutics as taught by Jack Ritchason N.D., Ph.D., March 7th, 1993.

–Completed a course certification in Natural Healing, Herbology, Clinical Cleansing, and Detoxification at the School of Natural Healing with Dr. Richard Schulze School Founder, August 2nd, 1996.

–Awarded a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Trinity College of Natural Health, January 5th, 2004.

–Successfully completed a course in Clinical Microscopy and Blood Cell Analysis in Biological Medicine with Biomedx Professional Training Programs, October 3rd, 2004.

–Granted myself all honors, rights and privileges which appertain to a Professorship of Science in Herbal Botanicals through Gordon University for the experience and education listed and unlisted above on the 18th of June Two Thousand and Five. *Done in response to some unjustified laws in California and the USA.

–I continue to take classes in Advanced Nutrition, The Use of Enzymes in Naturopathic Medicine, Analysis of the Face, Tongue, Nails, Live Blood Analysis, Iridology and forms of reflexology through the Institute of the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals and other natural health collages and Universities.

–And I have decades of clinical experience advising clients beginning in 1990

Personal Experience:

My transformation into naturopathic medicine began in 1989 when I cured myself of cancer. I utilized diet, cleansing and detoxing, exercise, neutralizing stress, and strengthening spirituality and other various methods of Naturopathic Medicine. I still pursue all of these techniques today; they are part of my life.

Here is how it all started.

In 1989 when I was 45 years old, I was experiencing a number of negative health symptoms.

–I had chronic fatigue before it was a named disease. I woke-up tired, and at work I had to drag myself from one task to the next, sleep never helped.

–Food was uninteresting and I never really felt hungry.

–I always felt gassy and bloated and when I ate I always had indigestion.

–I would eat because it was time to eat not because I was hungry and I was gaining weight.

–To make matters worse, I occasionally passed blood in my stool.

–I had arthritis in my elbows, hands, feet, hips, knees and especially my low back was painful.

–Mentally I was no better, my outlook was bleak and depressed, I was a mess!

I saw an M.D. and he said tests were negative and nothing was basically wrong, probably just old age. A chiropractor gave me a series of adjustments and for a while I felt better especially my back and joint problems, but the symptoms soon returned. One Chinese Medicine doctor put me on herbs to clean me out and gave me a number of acupuncture treatments, and again, I did feel better for a time, but then I relapsed back into the symptoms.

I finally decided to agree with the doctor, this was signs of old age, accept it and move on. I was approaching fifty and I had put my body through a lot.

This was my lot in life, physically things are going to go down hill, and it cannot be stopped. Then about six physically and mentally depressing months later, if things were not bad enough, I started having problems urinating.

The urinary problems came on gradually and increased in intensity over at least a year and a half. I noticed that I was having a problem emptying my bladder and sometimes there was a painful burning sensation. I always felt that I was approaching the need to go. But then when I went only a small amount would come out; I could never quite finish.

It bothered me all of the time, but it was worse at night. My bladder would wake me up, it is time to go. I would go, but not feel I was finished, then get back in bed and sleep a little. Wake up feeling I urgently needed to go but again not finish. I got up at least a dozen times like this every night and that feeling of “I need to go” never left me, what a nightmare!

I prayed every day that I would wake-up and find that the problem was gone, I was deluded and I was afraid. It did not go away, it just kept getting worse. Then I started to feel a strange pain when I had an orgasm. It was not only painful it felt like my guts were falling out. It did not happen every time but it happened enough to be frightening. I put up with this insanity for two years!

It was not long before my family found out what was happening to me and tried to convince me that it was time to see a doctor. I was literally afraid to find out what was wrong and I would not go. Then they told me something that I did not know about. My grandfather on my father’s side had died of prostate cancer at 59, and they told me it was a horrible death. Also, at about this time my father was being treated for prostate cancer. That information really raised my anxiety level.

Finally, a friend of mine, who heard about my plight through my parents, called me. He said he was going for a free prostate screening at the Newport Beach Cancer Center, Hoag Hospital, and why didn’t I come along. I decided I had put up with enough it was not going to go away so I went to at least get an opinion.

I filled out a questionnaire and had a PSA test and digital exam. The doctor said he felt something in the prostate and it would take further tests to determine what it was. The doctor’s office called and sent cards urging me to come in as soon as possible for more tests, but I never did. I spent a couple of weeks thinking about this and I decided that I wanted to study a few things first. I am the type of person who before I buy a car or make any big decision I like to look at all of the options that are available. In addition, I had a very life threatening and unpleasant experience with the medical system when I was young.

When I was five years old, I developed tonsillitis after several bouts of the cold and flu. My mother worked at a hospital as a telephone operator. She found out which surgical doctor had the best reputation as a surgeon in that hospital.

I remember this doctor very well because he had a strange sense of humor. When he finished examining my tonsils, he told me he was going to line me up with some other children and one at a time, using a pair of pliers, pull our tonsils out. He laughed as he made the motion as if to pull my tonsils out, I was terrified as you can imagine.

My recovery from the tonsillectomy was very difficult; I just seemed to stay sick. A few days later, my breath became very foul and clotted blood started to come out of my nose, like red toothpaste. My mother said the smell was so bad that it was difficult to enter the room.

My mother called the doctor that day and told him of my condition. He told her that I just needed more time to recover and not to worry. My mother told him that his answer was not good enough, and that she was going to bring me into his office immediately. My mother saved my life that day by not listening to that doctor.

In the doctors waiting room everyone was affected by the smell coming off of me. The doctor led my mother and me to his office. When he looked down my throat with a light, he exclaimed “Oh my God”. Then with a pair of forceps, he pulled out some rotten sponges that had been left in me from the operation. Thank God, my mother insisted on bringing me in that day or it probably would have killed me.

So, with that suspicion of doctors and hospitals I started researching alternative medical options. I read, studied Chinese Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic Medicine from India, and the theories of natural healing from different Natural Doctors. Most of it was confusing and written about people in different countries who lived and ate differently; it did not talk to me.

I tried a few of the techniques they suggested for the prostate but nothing helped. I took some herbs for the prostate, but I was not even sure that these herbs were any good. What do I know about herbs? The shelves at health food stores are loaded with herbs; I was confused.

I was on many mailing lists because of all my research. One day I received a newsletter from a Thomsonian Herbalist (a follower of Dr. Samuel Thomson 1769 to 1843). On an audio tape this Herbalist spelled out exactly why and how Americans get sick. I listened to this tape repeatedly because it made such good sense and it spoke directly to me.

He said that one of the main reasons Americans get cancer is from the buildup of waste, toxins and heavy metals from a lifetime of living and eating like every American. This buildup distracts and weakens your immune system. It lowers the oxygen and nutritional carrying ability of your blood and makes it difficult for your body to dispose of waste and toxins, right back where we started.

He said if you start cleansing and detoxing your body of these waste products and toxins. It is like you are feeding a car or motorcycle engine a fuel that makes the engine and drive-train run more and more smoothly, powerfully and much more responsive! As these toxins clear your body you begin to feel more energetic and your thinking clears. And you feel as though you are waking-up from a poor dream. You start feeling and living just the way you were born to live, a powerful physical and mental creative human being. And your disease falls away because there is no place for any disease in that new life.

He taught everyone how to use herbs, diet, cleansing, detoxing, and other techniques to cleanse away the waste and toxic poisons. I took the herbs, followed the instructions to the letter and did exactly what he said to do. I did it by the numbers because I was scared, I had been through enough; this was life and death. I was willing to do what it takes, and though I had some doubt, I gave it my total focused attention!

Soon, I was experiencing the benefits of the cleansing and detoxing. Plus there were other techniques like juice fasting, cold sheet treatment and on and on. And I was actually enjoying the process of being in charge and working on my own health. In fact, I enjoyed the process so much that three months later I was caught unaware that my symptoms were gone. I was totally dumbstruck by the realization, and I had an epiphany take place! At first I just laughed and laughed because the last of that stressful disease weight was lifted off of my shoulders. And I was completely victorious over a battle that everyone thought I would lose! I felt free and more in control of my life then I ever felt before! And I knew that I could easily repeat this process if I ever got sick again.

All those symptoms disappeared in about the same order that they came on. When I went to the bathroom, I had a complete stream and my bladder emptied. The pain in my back and the arthritis in rest of my body disappeared, including pain during sex. My energy and strength came back, and I could get up from bed and be ready to go immediately, I was reborn. My digestive problems, the bloating and acid- reflux were gone. I was hungry again for food and I enjoyed every bite. I lost the excess weight and I have remained between one hundred seventy to one hundred seventy five pounds, what I weighed when I played high school football. And I swear to you that I have felt better every year, instead of feeling as though I was going down hill each year.

That was a very long time ago, and I am now considered advanced elderly in the USA, because time wise I am in my seventies. I take no medications because I have zero diseases, no infirmities, and I am far from decrepit. And bragging just a little for your benefit; I ride a racing bicycle an hour or two almost every day for my enjoyment. I do an aerobic exercise with a fifty or more pound weight in each hand 5 days a week for a total of 2000 lifting repetitions. I do some yoga stretching for my spine, balance and flexibility and some breathing techniques to keep my lungs strong and my body oxygenated. I still refine my lifestyle with diet, supplements and herbs to get more and more life from my life. And even writing this gives me that same epiphany feeling because I was and am still so blessed.

At about a year and 6 months after the symptoms were gone I needed to see a dentist. I had some cavities that needed some attention. This dentist, Doctor Merchef, x-rayed my mouth and said I needed three root canals. I gave my OK and he started the procedure. After about ten minutes he stopped drilling, pulled down his mask, and made one of the most important statements for me that I have ever heard, which changed my life.

He told me that in his thirty plus years in dentistry he had seen only one other patient with immune strength like mine; a fireman in training, twenty-five plus years younger than me. He said that my immune system is so strong that the nerves in all three infected teeth have built a calcium barrier between the nerves and the infection. He said that I did not need root canals. All he needed to do was drill out the infection and simply gave me fillings in all three teeth.

He asked me what I had been doing to create such a strong immune system. I explained what I had been doing for more than a year to beat my cancer. He was amazed.

That day as I left his office I made the decision to become a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and I have never looked back.

In the many years since that time I have not drawn a sick breath. I have met a few other health challenges, a number of skin cancers on my face that I removed successfully with naturopathic treatments. Also, I was bitten by a black widow spider at a farm which I also treated successfully. I never get a cold or the flu, or indigestion. My arthritis was cured and so were my allergies and my weight stays exactly the same and I still do not need glasses. I do a maintenance program to keep my body free of all diseases.

My belief in naturopathic medicine is complete and I would like to help as many people as I can find the truth. This truth is empowering and I enjoy seeing the look on a clients face as they become empowered.


Let me end by making some remarks regarding negative comments I have received concerning my biography. Most people applaud how I handled my disease situation and where it has led me. But there are a few who are afraid of what I have to say and do their best to pull apart what I wrote about this experience.

About what I wrote in my biography;

I just put down everything that happened to me at the time plain and simple. I could have made up a much more dramatic story to gain notoriety and expand my business. That would be easy because by law no one except me and the physicians involved have access to those records. But I do not think that way, I just tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may.

Thank You So Much
Paul Johnston