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Unveiling the Facts: The Truth About Vitamins

The Truth About Vitamins

I want to get right to the point here. There is a basic law of nature when it comes to the absorption of vitamins and nutrition in the human or animal digestive system. We as humans and all animals for that matter, depend completely on plants like corn, lettuce, apples, and so on for our … Read more
The Wonders of Super Green Foods: Nature's Nutrient Boost

Super Green Foods: The Ultimate Nutritional Powerhouses

Earth’s Nutrition Story My experience with Earth’s Nutrition super green foods started when I was cleansing and detoxing. I took at least one scoop three times a day while fighting the cancer. When I noticed that a healing crisis (the body expelling toxins causes flu-like symptoms) was taking place, I would increase the amount of Earth’s Nutrition to speed up … Read more
Digestive Enzymes: Your Food's Best Friends

Digestive Enzymes: Your Food’s Best Friends

What are Enzymes Science has a difficult time here because this is new territory and enzymes are not easily explained. Some of the roots of life are here and it is really difficult to put into scientific terms. Digestive enzymes are energized protein molecules that provide the catalyst for life force. The force that they … Read more
A red clover flower with green leaves on a black background.

Red Clover: A Natural Solution for Hormonal Balance

Trifolium Pratense Red clover has at least 400 years of empirical history where people used this herb to cure such diseases as cancer and those mentioned below. When Red Clover was introduced into America, it was quickly absorbed by the American Indian cultures who realized its medicinal uses internally and externally. Three Leaves Ancients called … Read more
Exploring Juniper Berries (Juniperus Communis): Nature's Tiny Marvels

Juniper Berries: Nature’s Tiny Marvels.

Juniperus Communis The top herb for the urinary system is the Juniper Berry. Juniper Berries. For best results, the berries should be blue to purple in color, and when chewed or squashed it should smell like gin. Many berries sold are brown, dried-up, and dead and will not be either diuretic or disinfectant. History – Hunter … Read more
Two green leaves held between a person’s fingers. Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract: Mediterranean Miracle Diet

Olive Leaf Extract. Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, and antioxidant, are just some of the labels that identify this herb and its many healing powers. Olive trees have been cultivated for over 3,000 years. The Egyptians regarded the olive leaf as a symbol of heavenly power. The winners of the original Greek Olympics were crowned with … Read more