Herbs A thru D

Two cats amidst green foliage and purple flowers, illustrating the attraction of cats to catmint and catnip.

Catmint Vs Catnip: What’s the Difference?

Catmint vs catnip are two plants that are often confused ...

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A close-up photo of a yellow dandelion flower

Dandelion: A Weed or a Wonder Plant? Check This Out!

Taraxacum Officinale, Use the whole plant, especially the leaves and ...

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Damiana (Turnera Aphrodisiaca): Exploring the Potential of a Natural Aphrodisiac

Damiana: A Traditional Herb with Multiple Benefits and Uses

Turnera Aphrodisiaca Maya Indians used this herb to treat asthma, ...

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A corn plant in a field with two ears of corn and light green silk. Cornsilk

Cornsilk: The Best Natural Fiber with Antioxidant!

Zea Mays The Indians of Central and South America, where ...

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A microscopic image of green algae cells. Chlorella cells

Chlorella: An Ancient Algae with Amazing Health Benefits

Adaptogen, Chlorella Pyrenoidosa, Alterative, Antiviral, Immuno-stimulant, Nutritive Chlorella is an ...

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A pile of cayenne peppers in a blue-green bowl

Cayenne Pepper: A Spicy Pepper with Amazing Benefits

Capsicum Nahum Cayenne pepper or Capsicum derives its name from ...

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A bright orange flower on a white background. Calendula flower

Calendula: A Versatile Herb for Skin Health and More

Calendula Officinalis All marigolds bear large yellow, orange, or red ...

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A plant with red berries and green leaves. The butcher’s broom

Butcher’s Broom: Surprising Benefits For Your Blood Vessel

Ruscus Aculeatus Butcher’s Broom, also known as box holly or knee ...

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A cluster of boneset with green leaves in a natural setting

Boneset: A Native Plant with Healing Powers

Eupatorium purpureum, Queen of the Meadow, Joe Pye Weed, Gravel ...

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Three black walnut hanging from a tree branch

Black Walnut: Heart Health And Support Weight Loss

Juglans Negra According to Dr. Royle, Juglans regia extends from Greece and ...

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