Herbs E thru K

An underwater photo of a kelp forest.

Kelp: A Superfood from the Sea with Many Benefits

Fucus Vesiculosis Kelp is a common name for leafy algae ...

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A close-up image of Kava Kava.

Kava Kava: A Unique Plant with Anxiolytic Properties

Piper Methysticum Humans colonized the area of New Guinea and ...

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Exploring Juniper Berries (Juniperus Communis): Nature's Tiny Marvels

Juniper Berries: Nature’s Tiny Marvels.

Juniperus Communis The top herb for the urinary system is ...

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A photo of a Horseradish growing in a patch of soil.

Horseradish: Amazing Plant with Culinary & Medicinal Uses

Coclearia Armoracia Horseradish has been used by mankind for over ...

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A photo realistic image of a tree branch with Hawthorn berries on it.

Hawthorn Berries: An Amazing and Medicinal Treat

Crataegus Oxymnema AKA: English Hawthorn, Mayflower, May Bush, May Blossom ...

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A close-up image of a plant with green leaves and small white flowers. Gymnema Sylvestre,

Gymnema Sylvestre: Amazing For Sugar and Diabetes Now!

Used primarily in combination with other herbs, it has been ...

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A photo realistic image of a cluster of red and white Guarana on a tree trunk.

Guarana: Boost Your Energy, Mood, and Brain Function

Paullinia Cupana (AKA Brazilian Cocoa) South American legend says that ...

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A photo realistic image of a bed of green leafy plants. Gotu kola

Gotu Kola: Increase Wound Healing, and Memory Now!

Hydrocotyle Ariatica Historically, Gotu Kola is considered a prime nervine ...

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A photo realistic image of a group of ginseng roots on a white background.

Ginseng: Lower Stress and Inflammation Now!

Panax schinseng, Asiatic, American, or Korean Ginseng is a genus ...

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A photo of a piece of ginger root on a white background.

Ginger Root: A Pungent Plant with Powerful Properties

Zingiber officinale Ginger has been used as a medicine in ...

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