Herbs Q thru Z

A Senna plant with yellow flowers and green leaves

Senna: Improve Your Constipation & Digestive Health Now!

Cassia Acutifolia Senna is a member of the pea family ...

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A bunch of red berries on a branch with green leaves

Sarsaparilla:  Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatory, And More!

Smilax ornata Sarsaparilla has been used for centuries by the ...

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A photo of a yellow flower with long stamens.

Saint John’s Wort: An Effective Remedy for Depression

Hypericum Perforatum Saint John’s Wort was used by the ancient ...

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A photo of a rosemary plant with green leaves and blue flowers.

Rosemary: The Love Herb with Culinary and Medicinal Uses

Rosmarinus Officinalis The ancient Greeks believed that Rosemary could strengthen ...

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A close-up photo of a bunch of red and green rhubarb stalks.

Rhubarb: A Sour Vegetable with Sweet Benefits

A.K.A. Chinese Rhubarb, Da Huang, Turkey Rhubarb Originating from northwest ...

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A close-up photo of three red raspberries on a dark grey background.

Red Raspberry: Amazing Source of Antioxidants and More!

Rubus Idaeus The leaves may be collected throughout the growing ...

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A red clover flower with green leaves on a black background.

Red Clover: A Natural Solution for Hormonal Balance

Trifolium Pratense Red clover has at least 400 years of ...

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A close-up view of vibrant yellow Spanish Marigold flowers blooming in a terracotta pot, bathed in sunlight.

Spanish Marigold: A Versatile Herb for Skin Health and More

Spanish Marigold, also known as Tagetes patula, is a popular ...

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