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Trifolium Pratense

Red clover has at least 400 years of empirical history where people used this herb to cure such diseases as cancer and those mentioned below. When Red Clover was introduced into America, it was quickly absorbed by the American Indian cultures who realized its medicinal uses internally and externally.

Three Leaves

Ancients called it Triphyllon, meaning “three leaves”. This term also relates to the common name, Clover, which stems from “clava”, meaning “three-leaved”. The three leaves were said to correspond to the triad goddesses of Mythology, and later to the Trinity in Christianity.

According to the Doctrine of Signatures, the white crescentic markings on the leaflets of red clover were seen as a sign that the plant could be of benefit in the treatment of cataracts. The three-lobed leaves were associated with the Holy Trinity by medieval Christians. Although red clover is a native European plant, it was not until it became naturalized in North America and the Native Americans discovered its medicinal properties that it was recognized as a medicine in Europe.

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The flowers were a popular anti-cancer remedy in the 1930s. Red clover is widely cultivated as animal fodder; the isoflavones are oestrogenic in animals which may ingest large quantities and it has a contraceptive effect on sheep.

Harry Hoxsey, ND started the first cancer clinic in Mexico and used Red Clover in his treatments. Thompsonian herbalists also use Red Clover in their anti-cancer formulas. Red clover thins the blood and improves circulation one of the reasons it is such a great cancer fighter.

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Red clover is an excellent herb for the lungs; it can be used to treat lung congestion, bronchitis whooping cough, weak chests, and wheezing. This herb also has antibiotic qualities that are useful against several bacteria, including tubercular bacilli. Red Clover can also be used as a gargle for throat soreness, swelling, and infections.

Which Vitamins Does The Red Clover Has?

Red Clover contains Vitamins A, B-Complex, C, F, and P. Red Clover also contains the minerals Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium, Copper, Selenium, Molybdenum, and Tin.

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