Damiana: A Traditional Herb with Multiple Benefits and Uses

Turnera Aphrodisiaca

Maya Indians used this herb to treat asthma, dizziness, vertigo, and as a body cleanser. In Mexico, it is used primarily to treat female problems. It is excellent at restoring an exhausted state of the body and increasing its vital energies. Damiana is also known as Turnera diffusa, Mexican Damiana, old woman’s broom, and herba de la pastora.

This herb has a reputation for treating and arousing sexual desire in both men and women which is revealed by the second part of its botanical name “Aphrodisiaca”. Damiana is known as a sexual rejuvenator in the loss of vitality of those who have a sexual weakness, caused by either abuse or senility. Historically it has proven itself to have an excellent effect on the reproductive organs and is thereby esteemed as an aphrodisiac. It is also known to raise the sperm count in the male.

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Damiana has a relaxing effect, gives a mild cannabis-like high, and is a light aphrodisiac. This effect lasts for about one hour. With regular use, the effect will become stronger. With longer use, Damiana increases potency and helps to regulate hormones in women.

Antibacterial Activity

It has shown some antibacterial activity when tested under laboratory conditions, but much more study is needed to confirm or disprove the results. Historically, Damiana has also been used to treat conditions as diverse as bedwetting, constipation, depression, and headaches. No results from controlled human studies support any of these possible uses, however.

For women, it strengthens the reproductive organs, and helps with menopause, by strengthening the ovum; it controls hot flashes and helps to balance hormones in women.

To make Damiana liquor, mix 30 grams (1 oz.) of Damiana herb with half a liter of liquor and let this soak for 5 days. Sift this and let the alcohol-drenched leaves soak another 5 days in 125 ml of mineral water. Strain out the liquid and filter it. Heat the water extract until just under the boiling point and mix it with half a cup of honey. Mix the alcohol extract and the water extract in a bottle and keep it for a month. The mix will sink down and the liquid will get clearer. Pour the liquid carefully into a clean bottle. For the best results take in the evening 1 or 2 glasses an hour before the desired effect.


Anxiety  Aphrodisiac  Bladder  Brain tonic  Constipation  Depression  Energy  Emphysema  Estrogen (low)  Fatigue  Female problems  Frigidity  Hormone Balancer (male and female)  Hot flashes  Impotency  Infertility  Kidney  inflammation  Menopause  Parkinson’s disease  PMS  Prostate (inflammation of)  Reproductive organs Sexual Stimulant


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