Garlic: A Pungent Plant with Powerful Properties

Allium Sativum

Considered by many herbalists to be one of the greatest herbs on the planet. Used by Alexander the Great when he conquered the civilized world. Garlic aka Allium sativum gave his troops endurance and immunity from disease. Used by those who knew of its power to avoid catching the plague that ravaged Europe in the Middle Ages. The British in WW1 used it when they ran out of sulfa drugs (garlic is thought to contain over 75 sulfur compounds). When the British mixed chopped garlic with moss, applied it to wounds, and burns the infection rate among their troops dropped 50%. Louis Pasteur confirmed the antibacterial action of garlic in 1858 and Albert Schweitzer used it successfully against amoebic colitis. Called the ginseng of the West, Allium sativum is known to stir sexual appetite. For this reason, many religions ban its use among monks and nuns.

Immune System:

For the immune system, it stimulates the lymphatic system to throw off waste materials. Garlic helps to control fevers and works to combat viruses such as influenza viruses. Allium sativum has the ability to destroy harmful bacteria while at the same time leave beneficial bacteria for the body’s use.


For the heart, garlic improves circulation by an anti-coagulant factor that normalizes blood platelet adhesion. Garlic strengthens blood vessels thereby strengthening the heart. Research in the 1970s revealed that oils extracted from Allium sativum inhibited blood clotting. No standard medication can match Garlic on the cardiovascular scale. Allium sativum DEFINITELY reduces blood pressure, and cholesterol and reduces internal clots. Which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Garlic reduces blood sugar and therefore helps diabetes sufferers. It may help eliminate lead and heavy metals in the bloodstream has helped leprosy patients, fights cancer, and helps aid patients


The pancreas loves garlic is a phrase one of my teachers Dr. Richard Shultze used many times he also said that Allium sativum is powerful for anyone with diabetes. Allium sativum was proven in university studies to reduce blood sugar levels and at the same time increase insulin production.

Parasites and Funguses:

Garlic has the ability to rid the colon of parasites and expel threadworms from the body. The allicin in Allium sativum is active against Candida Albicans more effectively than Nystatin. Parasitic funguses associated with AIDS, are inhibited by Garlic.  


Evidence is mounting that of the many compounds found in Allium sativum at least 10 are active in reversing cancer development. Professor Michael Wargovich at the University of Texas where his group studied the effects of two major purified components of garlic – dialylsulphide which is soluble in oil and S-allyl cysteine which is water soluble. He tested these compounds on two animal carcinoma models and found that the tumors could be reduced by between 50 and 75% Then in his controls (used to remove any experimental bias) he gave a prophylactic dose of garlic and then deliberately tried to induce a particularly virulent form of esophageal cancer.

He found that garlic completely prevented his experimental controls from becoming infected. The Akbar Clinic and Research Institute in Panama City, FL, has produced dramatic evidence that Allium sativum revs up the body’s natural immune system. They extracted key immune system components such as white blood cells and killer cells from garlic-eating volunteers. They were mixed in a lab dish with cancer cells. The result was astonishing, killer cells from the garlic eaters destroyed from 140 percent to 160 percent more cancer cells than did blood from the nongarlic eaters.

My personal experience using garlic to treat prostate cancer.

I was told that if I wanted to beat the cancer I would need to eat raw fresh garlic daily as part of my routine until the cancer was gone. The instructions were, that I start with a few cloves of pressed garlic a couple of times a day the first week. In the second week, double the amount of pressed Allium sativum each day. And so on until I reached a total of at least 30 cloves of pressed garlic each day. It was suggested that from that point on I ingest at least 30 cloves of pressed garlic every day until the cancer was completely gone. It was also suggested that I could ingest more if I felt comfortable with it. I was told that a woman with breast cancer was sometimes ingesting some times as many as 40 cloves of garlic a day.

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I followed those instructions to the letter reaching at least 30 cloves of garlic every day. Many days I ate 40 cloves of pressed garlic. Three months later my symptoms were gone but I did not stop eating the Allium sativum. I continued eating the garlic every day for more than a year. Until one day I passed a large amount of cancerous material into the toilet during a bowel movement. About 3 weeks later I stopped eating the 30 plus cloves of garlic.

How did I ingest this much raw garlic every day?

I ate the garlic at different times during the day so I was not eating too many cloves at one time. I ate some in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some in the late afternoon or early evening.

Burning Mouth And Throat?

How did I manage to eat a number of cloves at one time without burning my mouth and throat? I was given a couple of ways of getting it down. One is to take a clove of garlic and slice it thinly with a razor like a small loaf of bread without cutting all the way through the clove. That way I could swallow the clove like it was a pill. The second way was to take some nut butter like peanut butter and scoop out a large amount with a spoon.

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Then take a wet knife so the peanut butter will not stick to it and carve a pocket into the peanut butter. Then run the garlic through a Allium sativum press and put it into the peanut butter pocket. When the pocket was filled I used the wet knife to seal in the garlic. I then took the spoonful of peanut butter and swallowed it, washing it down with some water or juice. The peanut butter technique was my preferred way of eating the garlic.

Why does the garlic need to be cut or pressed?

Cutting or pressing the clove is what releases the healing power of the garlic. 

Why could I not just take a lot of garlic pills or capsules?

Garlic supplements are great if you are not really sick. But when you have cancer you need the real thing, raw garlic.

You may not always feel good when you eat garlic, I sometimes did not feel so good. But remember this is cancer and you are doing something that cancer does not like. Read the paper on Healing Crisis in the Article section of this site to understand why you might feel bad when you are doing good things for your body.

Fighting cancer as I did naturally takes a lot of work. Allium sativum was just one of the tools that I used to increase the strength of my immune system and cleanse my blood. Go to the Ailments section and read Cancer to find out the full story. 


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