Guarana: Boost Your Energy, Mood, and Brain Function

Paullinia Cupana (AKA Brazilian Cocoa)

South American legend says that the Incas discovered its nutritious and stimulating qualities before the first Europeans even set foot on the American Continent. The Maues and Murdorow Indians used Guarana to be able to travel through jungles and across mountains for miles at a steady pace. They carried hand-rolled sticks that looked like licorice from which they scraped off small amounts to chew as they ran (the sticks were made from the seeds of the Guarana plant). It is also reported that the Japanese consumed Guarana during World War ll to aid in alertness and keep up courage.

In the Amazon Jungles, the natives use the seed of Guarana, which they pick from the vine. The seeds are dried and then ground into a meal. They then make a paste from the meal which is formed into rolls. When dried, these rolls become hard and look like dark sausages. In this form, the Guarana is transported to the markets by traders for sale and distribution.

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Guarana is considered to be the richest source of caffeine worldwide. Like all caffeine-containing substances, Guarana can be addictive and can cause the same unpleasant symptoms as excessive coffee drinking. There is a difference in how Guarana and coffee are released. Coffee enters the bloodstream immediately while Guarana because it is not water-soluble enters over a period of 5 to 6 hours. Guarana has a stimulant nervine effect and is therefore often found to be used by truck drivers and students who seek to stay awake. I myself have taken Guarana from time to time and never experienced a problem using it for a day or two and then stopping. I still have a partially full bottle on my bookshelf that I have had for more than five years.

In its natural state, Guarana provides a synergetic delivery of many nutritional compounds and trace elements to pleasantly and beneficially affect your total body system. This is unlike coffee, which has no nutritional value and can destroy vitamins in the food you are eating at the time of digestion.

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Guarana has been used by some for headaches or depression that accompany menstrual problems. It is also useful for decreasing restlessness, improving alertness, and as a general tonic for headaches and sore muscles. Some have used it to overcome menstrual problems due to stress and tension.

Studies That Indicate Positive Effects Of Guarana Use:

There are studies that indicate that Guarana has none of the negative side effects of coffee drinking (1) Herbal Tonic (2,3) Helps relieve mild anxiety, stress, and nervous tension (2,3) Temporary relief from headaches (2,3,4,5) Maintains stamina and physical endurance (2) Relief of menstrual pain (2,3,4) Herbal diuretic (4) Herbal anti-diarrheal (2,3,4,5,6) Appetite suppressant: assists weight control in conjunction with a balanced low kilojoule/calorie diet (1)

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Bodily Influence:

Aphrodisiac, Febrifuge, Narcotic (slightly), Nervine, Nutritive, Stimulant.


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