Milk Thistle: A Natural Detoxifier and Liver Protector

Silybum Marianum

This herb has been known in Europe and the Middle East since ancient times. One of the first times it was mentioned was by Theophrastus in the 4th century, B.C. Dioscorides and Pliny the Elder both wrote about the health benefits of Milk Thistle, and Pliny mentions that of the improvement of bile flow using Milk Thistle. In 1597 the prominent herbalist Gerard wrote that Milk Thistle was the best remedy that grows against all melancholy diseases. The word melancholy is taken from the Greek, “black bile,” and in Gerard’s day referred to any liver or biliary derangement. In 1650 Nicholas Culpeper, the famous English Herbalist reported that Milk Thistle is useful for removing obstructions from the liver.

German scientists identified the key ingredient in the Milk Thistle called Silmarin, which is mainly in the seed and is highly restorative and protective for liver cells. Milk Thistle is also protective for the kidneys, brain, and other tissues from chemical toxins.

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One of the most dangerous side effects of modern medicine is liver damage from prescription drugs. Drugs can cause different diseases of the liver such as drug-induced hepatitis, cholestasis, and decreased bile flow within the small bile ducts. Other drugs can cause abnormal fat accumulation in the liver. Drugs can directly cause severe liver cell damage or death. Some cancer chemotherapy drugs are responsible for the obstruction of veins in the liver. Here are some of the commonly used types of drugs that can cause liver damage. Acetaminophen, Alpha-methyidopa (old blood pressure medication), Steroids, Anticonvulsants (like phenytoin and valproic acid), Cancer chemotherapy, Cardiovascular drugs (especially amiodarone), Estrogens (birth control pills), Halothane (anesthetic), Isoniazid, Methotrexate (for treatment of psoriasis and arthritis), Psychiatric medications, Statins (used to treat high blood pressure).

Milk Thistle accelerates protein synthesis by the liver cells

It stimulates the liver to produce SOD, a potent free radical scavenger. Milk Thistle has been found to maintain the basic function of the liver, thereby keeping the blood vascular system clean which has an overall effect of maintaining the health and well-being of the entire body.

Many milk thistle products are available in the health food stores in the U.S. today. Even some drug stores have milk thistle extract on display for over-the-counter sales. These products cannot be labeled with the benefits that have been proven in European laboratories and clinics, but Americans are gradually becoming aware of these benefits.

Mushroom Poisoning:

Milk Thistle has been used as a preventative and or antidote to poisoning by Death Cap mushrooms (amanita phalloidess). Animal studies have found that Milk Thistle completely counteracts the toxic effects of the mushroom if given within 10 minutes of ingestion. If given 24 hours after ingestion, the herb significantly reduces the risk of liver damage and death.


Alcoholism, Appetite stimulant, Blood pressure (high), Boils, Chemotherapy, Cholera, Cirrhosis, Convulsions, Delirium, Depression, Epilepsy, Fatty Deposits, Gallbladder, Gas, Heartburn, Heart problems, Hemorrhage, Hepatitis, Hypoglycemia, Indigestion, jaundice, Kidney congestion, Lactation, Liver congestion, Liver damage, Menstruation (suppresses), Nervous conditions, Poisons, Radiation, Skin diseases, Snake bites, Spleen congestion Varicose veins.

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Bodily Influence:

Cholagogue, Demulcent, Galactogogue, Hepatic, Nervine, Stimulant, Tonic.


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