Poo Drops Review: A Comprehensive Review

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Struggling with bathroom odors is a common issue. Poo Drops offer a new way to tackle this problem. This article goes into poo drops review top brands and their effectiveness in freshening up your space.

Discover the best solution for a guest-friendly loo.

Key Takeaways

  • Poo Drops from Aesop, ANAM, and DedCool make the bathroom smell fresh using natural ingredients like mandarin peel and ylang ylang.
  • Aesop’s drops come in a modern brown glass with a pipette dropper and cost £20. They use vegan ingredients.
  • ANAM Poo Drops are unique for their eco-friendly packaging and scents of coriander seed, geranium, and vetiver. You can buy them on Amazon Prime for easy shopping.
  • DedCool offers Poop Drops that don’t use water in their formula, saving resources. They cost $25 and last a long time with just a small amount needed to freshen up the air.
  • These products not only tackle bad smells but also care for the environment by being cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and making eco-conscious packaging choices.

Review of Top Poo Drop Brands

We look at leading poo drop makers like Aesop, ANAM, and DedCool. These brands offer products that make bathrooms smell fresh using ingredients like mandarin peel and ylang ylang.

Aesop Post-Poo Drops

Aesop Post-Poo Drops cost £20 and come in elegant brown glass with a pipette dropper. This design gives them a modern, scientific appearance. They are part of Aesop, an Australian beauty brand.

This company is known for vegan and cruelty-free products. The drops have natural ingredients like tangerine peel, ylang ylang, and mandarin peel.

Zoey wrote a review on July 24, 2020, about these drops. She said they work better than regular bathroom sprays at hiding smells after using the toilet.

Next up: ANAM Poo Drops offer another solution for keeping bathrooms smelling fresh.

A stylish bathroom with luxury products and bustling atmosphere.

ANAM Poo Drops

Moving on from Aesop’s offering, ANAM Poo Drops present a unique choice. This product stands out with a scent mix that includes coriander seed, geranium, and vetiver. They use natural ingredients like coconut oil and corn starch.

The packaging is eco-friendly, made from recyclable card tube. People can use these drops to freshen air by applying them daily underarm or in any space needing a scent boost. It provides an effective deodorizer solution for homes looking for cruelty-free options available on platforms like amazon.com.

ANAM prioritizes the environment with its packaging choices and appeals to those seeking citrus tangerina scents without harming the planet. As an air freshener, it offers a refreshing alternative to standard options, ensuring rooms smell pleasant throughout the day.

Customers enjoy quick access through Amazon Prime services, making shopping easy without worrying about credit card payments at checkout or waiting long for delivery.

DedCool’s Poop Drops

Switching from ANAM Poo Drops, let’s talk about DedCool’s Poop Drops. Carina Chaz launched this product in 2016. It costs $25 and comes in a 1-ounce glass bottle with a milky-white dropper.

The drops are made without water, are safe to use, vegan-friendly, and last a long time. You can find them in three scents: Taunt, Red Dakota, and Smiley Face Garden. I tried the Smiley Face Garden scent for two months and still have three-quarters of the bottle left.

This shows how little you need to freshen up the air after using the bathroom.

DedCool’s drops stand out because they’re kind to animals and our planet. Since they don’t use water in their formula, they’re helping save this precious resource too. Plus, their packaging is simple yet stylish, fitting well into any bathroom decor while keeping your space smelling nice.

Before You Go – Poo Drops Review

Effective Poo Drops make bathrooms smell good. Brands like Aesop, ANAM, and DedCool offer different scents. These products are vegan and last a long time. One bottle can keep your bathroom fresh for months.

For clean air in the loo, these drops are a great choice.

A modern bathroom with Aesop poo drops on the countertop.

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FAQs – Poo Drops Review

1. Are effective poo drops cruelty-free?

Yes, effective poo drops are cruelty-free. They do not harm animals.

2. Can I find reviews for these air fresheners on Prime Video?

No, Prime Video does not offer reviews for air fresheners like poo drops.

3. How do I know if my purchase includes a receipt?

Every purchase of the product comes with a receipt provided at the time of sale.

4. Do these products only work in specific areas?

No, you can use them in multiple places to eliminate odors effectively.

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