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First I would like to clear something up about Incurable Diseases and Naturopathic Medicine. True Naturopaths do not believe there is such a thing as an incurable disease. We do however believe that there are incurable people. We believe that there are three types of people who cannot be helped, they are incurable. You will have to ask yourself if you are one of these people. The first incurable person is just not going to do anything about their illness.

The second incurable person likes being sick with sympathy and doctors. Hooked up to all the medical gadgets, we have all seen this type of person. The third incurable person has an appointment with God and nothing will stop that. But, if the third incurable person follows this program giving their body everything that it needs they will find themselves much more comfortable and prepared to make their passing.

So who are you? If you find that you are not one of the incurable people above then you can be helped just like I was. The label incurable does not fit you and what you are going through can be reversed and undone.

Genetics and Naturopathic Medicine

What part does genetics play in Naturopathic Medicine? Genetics fits in perfectly as you will see. When your body has had enough of the American lifestyle of poor nutrition, the build-up of waste, toxins, polluting chemicals, heavy metals, lack of exercise, too much stress, and a poor spiritual base, something has to give. That something is the place where you are weakest genetically, that place will decay and you will probably be sickest there. Other genetically weak areas will also be suffering from your lifestyle. When I had prostate cancer I also had arthritis, lupus, lung problems, depression, fibromyalgia acid reflux.

Genetics can also work in your favor. Your body has a genetic picture of you in perfect health and it is always trying to go there, that is what recovery is. If you stop doing those things in your life that mentally and physically poison you, then your body will automatically go toward perfect health. That is what this program is about. Giving your body everything it needs so it can move as quickly as possible to perfect health.

Your Unique Case and Naturopathic Medicine

We are all uniquely different so how can Naturopathic medicine help your individual case? As you will see below Naturopathic Medicine’s approach is full spectrum. From every direction that disease can approach you these steps are working to reverse what has been done.

That is why the design of this step program will work individually for your case. It will undo everything in your lifestyle that has led you to get a so-called incurable disease just like it did for me.

How Did You Get An Incurable Disease

Naturopathic Medicine says that there are 5 major functions of your lifestyle that lead you to get what are called incurable diseases. Each one of these 5 avenues that are now leading you in the direction of disease can also be used to take you directly to healing. You just have to reverse the direction you are going. This is what Naturopathic Medicine told me, “stop doing what you are doing now and do just the opposite.” 

1. Intake of Food and Water

What you have been eating and drinking has encouraged a poor health environment in your body while introducing decaying waste, toxic chemicals, metals, and pollutants. The diet and nutritional steps in this program will change that environment in your body to one of balanced pH, filled with oxygen and high-quality nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients.

2. Elimination of Waste

Elimination is the second lifestyle cause of getting an incurable disease. Due to your poor refined diet, the health of your eliminative organs is also poor. They have not been able to do a proper job of cleansing your body the way they were designed. This has left the build-up of waste, toxins, and pollutants discussed above. Causing further damage to your eliminative organs and your health. The steps in this program will reverse that by cleansing and detoxing each of the eliminative organs and the trillions of cells in your body from the build-up of this toxic, polluted, poisonous sludge.

The eliminative organs are the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, and bowel. It should be noted here that all people with cancer have a sick liver.

3. Exercise

Lack of exercise promotes poor circulation of blood, and lymph, low oxygen supply, and a sluggish and weak immune system. This is just the kind of environment that cancer, germs, and viruses thrive in and the organs in your body slowly die causing disease.

Adding an exercise program to your lifestyle will reverse this situation. Exercise will decrease your body fat while increasing lean muscle mass and lowering your heart rate. Working out will reduce nausea and fatigue while strengthening your natural immune defense mechanisms. Exercise will also improve your sense of control, improve your mood, and raise your self-esteem plus the quality of your life.

4. Stress

The stress of modern life is everywhere. Working at a job you do not like or living in a negative environment. The stress of being unemployed or starting a new job or having too much work to accomplish. The problems that arise in a negative personal relationship such as a divorce. Developing an illness or the illness of a family member or friend or the death of a friend or loved one. These problems have made stress one of the leading causes of disease today. 

5. Spiritual

You may not know it but the spiritual causes of disease rank high in their ability to cause you to be sick. Here are some of them Fear, Anger, Hate, Self Loathing, Hopelessness, Misery, and Despair. These emotions can twist and warp your body, mind, and soul prying open the door to any disease you can imagine.

Before You Go – Incurable Disease Program

While reading these steps you may have noted that some of them you may have already perfected. That is wonderful. It will give you a boost and help you move more quickly along the avenue to recovery. But keep an open mind like I did and you may discover a way to improve your strongest area(s). I was in excellent condition when I started these steps as I had just earned my 2nd degree black belt in Karate. But I soon discovered that I did not know how to relax to recover truly.

So I took up Yoga and discovered how to fully relax and the gift of flexibility. One of the greatest things I learned from doing these steps is that I had the power to change what had happened to me, it was totally in my hands. That is right. The power to get your health back is just a matter of your being willing to move away from what made you sick. It is just like the father of medicine said at the beginning of this introduction “If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him.” So if you are ready to do away with the reasons for your disease let go to the steps and begin. Follow the steps here.

Incurable Disease Program: A Herbalist’s Path

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